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Friday, November 13, 2009


(...with love and grateful thanks to all our cyber-friends. We are overwhelmed in gratitude by your concern for us and love so openly displayed. We can't thank you enough! )


Max, in a strange way, has a message for us all...

Yesterday evening...

As the breath of evening exhaled over our city, the clouds started gathering and pooled their offerings. Soon the wind picked up and the leaves in the large tree in our park began a rustling song. Large heavy raindrops started falling and tiny circles were shaping their pretty patterns on the surface of the water in our swimming pool.

I looked down at Max. He was all stretched out in the doorway to our study, his nose on his front paws in his traditional ”Max position”. His eyes were focussed on the happenings outside and the building of the thunderstorm.

I peered across my husband’s shoulder at the computer screen and cradled the mug of hot tea in my hands. We were both marvelling at the multitude of messages streaming in from across the globe – some from folks who we have never met in cyberspace. The screen itself seemed a painting of well-wishes and hope for our beautiful Max and me. I was trying to digest it all, whilst battling the emotional lump in my throat which won’t seem to go away.

Suddenly the biggest bolt of lightning coupled with its crash of thunder shattered my thoughts. The bolt must have hit a tree somewhere really close and we saw a flash of white light. My cup of tea seemed to empty itself upwards – in slow motion – while I watched helplessly. It was one of those frightening split seconds where everything becomes transfixed in time.

My first thought was the animals and true to form the three others came running to my side. But Max? As I looked at down at him again, he had merely turned his head towards me, still rooted in his relaxed position on the floor as if to say: “How cool was that Mom?!”

I stood quivering in my slippers – the reality of our human vulnerability and mortality hitting me at once. The realisation that something greater than ourselves is always present, which is so totally beyond my understanding. Max seemed to be conveying this message:

“Yes, Mom, I am fine! Just live in the moment!”

It seems that Max has shifted from Tour Guide to my personal guide.
It is this thought that I think we can all hold on to

...afterall neither good, nor bad events are ever guaranteed!

So today, please would you do Max favour:



And let's LEARN from our animals!

Dear Murray, Clive and all you special people...
I know your hands of healing are with me...

With love


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Mom and I are so happy we are still up to see this!

It will help us have some good thoughts as we dream

Or is that good dreams as we think

Yes, living in the moment is important -

Max is khorrekht - but woo already knew THAT!


Cocorue said...

TQ Maxi and yes, we are going to live IN and FOR the moment.....thanks for the reminder.

You are such a wise dog and we know we need not worry about you as you are being looked after by ALL who loves you......and HE is definitely looking after you, dear Maxi

Now, you look after mum and kisses to you, dear boy

X chikisses to you and mum and we KNOW you will be fine on Monday too.....enjoy your weekend

Wild Dingo said...

Dogs are soooo Buddha. that's why we're drawn to them. living the moment. not the past or future. just the present. being present. that's what dogs do best. and that's the best state of mind to be in. completely utterly present. truely englightened beings. now if we could only follow their ways...

what a fabulous post. I think Max will be fine. I'm sure of it.
wild dingo

Anya said...

Good morning my dear Max
Its nice to hear from you
and your wonderful thoughts are the best !!!
We think on you monday the whole day ,in spirit we are with you :-)
We all think positive !!!!
from us Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)

Angus said...

Using a hotel computer to catch up - knocked down when I learnt about Max. Everything seems so much better today!
Thinking of you all - will blog soon when we get connected

Angus said...

Using a hotel computer to catch up - knocked down when I learnt about Max. Everything seems so much better today!
Thinking of you all - will blog soon when we get connected

Scottie the 'Cutie' said...

I think that's a really cool message! Mom needs to hear that more often, coz she freaks out every now and then because of something trivial.

We're thinking good thoughts for your speedy recovery!


Anonymous said...

Wow Max - you are so insightful! What peace and joy you bring to us all, not to mention what you give your loving Mom!

God Bless - Margie, Saxy & Obi

Martha and Bailey said...

Max is so wise - we wish you well for Monday - enjoy today!

The Animal Doctor said...

You could not have said it better, Max's Mom! Reading your post somehow eased my own fears for my dogs. Good luck on monday.

pls give Max a hug from all of us :)

The Secretary

Huskee and Hershey said...

It's amazing how much we can learn from our doggies... I am still trying to learn how I can be more like Hershey i.e eat a lot and never put on weight...

Hope that you have a good and restful weekend ahead.. BTW, we just sent Max and email.. Check it out.


Shane (Huskee and Hershey's mom)

bea's blog said...

Hello Max!
This was a beautiful post!!
We all enjoyed it and we hope that your surgery on Monday will turn out just fine....we are thinking of you!
European Hugs and Tailwags
Gizmo and mum


Hamish Westie said...

Yes Max, we dogs have much to teach our humans. Especially us 'senior' dogs. And perhaps you could teach me how a thunderstorm might be considered 'cool' not scary? I haven't reached that stage yet...
Best of luck for Monday
Cheers, H.

hero said...

Hi there Max,

We will say a prayer for you and keeping our paws crossed on Monday.

Licks, hero


Yesterday was already a dream.
Tomorrow is only a vision.
Buy today's well lived, makes every
yesterday a dream of happiness
and every tomorrow a vision of hope.
- Anonymous

Clive said...

Max! You have made a not so little man very happy! We got your message this morning just before Murray went off on the school bus and he went off with a big smile and a lot happier!

His Mom explained your post to him and he understood pretty well we think - we promised we would go out after school and do something that 'was just living in the moment'! That will be our motto from now on and nothing could be more appropriate for an autistic child.

We had written in a note in his school journal last night explaining to his teacher that if he got upset today if was because his friend Max in SA was sick! It was all he could talk about last night. But we printed off a picture of you today and he took that on the bus with a little note saying 'Smile Murray - Max will be okay' and that is what we most sincerely hope.

With paws crossed and going out to enjoy our day, thanks Max.

- Clive and Murray's Mom

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a fabulous post, Max! You have tears running down our mom's cheeks!
You are a very wise boy!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Madd said...


I am sorry to hear of the recent difficulties, but it is most important to not allow such things to rule one's life and pull one down badly. Max has had a wonderful life and has given you much pleasure, with each day he is with you, you experience that. He is nowhere near as concerned about all this as his Mom is I assure you :)

He will have no regrets and will enjoy every day as much as he can, and I think you need to try to have that opinion too. My old friend, Sheena, was very sick for a long time, but she always had a friendly, happy face, and so my family and I decided to enjoy her as much as possible for as long as possible. She fianlly passed, and while sad, I celebrate her life still to this day.

We all know that our poochy friends live shorter lives than kitties and humans alike. In many ways, their quality of life is superior to ours though and they enrich our lives and we enrich theirs. The loss of one does not destroy his / her memory, rather, we get the opportunity to give a wonderful home to another furry friend if we choose to, and always remember our beloved friends that have passed.

Oneday, our friend Max will pass away, as will all of us, and we have to focus on the positive influence and special times we share - in the final analysis, that's all we really possess.

Max is still very much alive, and I assure you he plans to live his life to the fullest degree. Helping him to do that is your job now, as you have always done. Nothing important has changed, he is still your good friend, and he would not like to know that he is the cause of your distress.

From his perspective, it's all ok, and his life continues to be happy, until it ends painlessly, whenever that may be. What a lucky pooch he is.

Please celebrate his life and enjoy him as much as you can, but he is not the entirety of your being, nor you his. Friends are like ships visiting a harbour, enjoy them while they're in dock, but understand they cannot stay forever.

Any one of us could be gone tomorrow, I think you can be grateful for so many happy, healthy years with Max. A friend of mine says: Don't worry about life, you're not going to survive it anyway. I'm sure Max feels that way.

Keep well.

Mango said...

Oh yes, Max, you are most wise. Momma says that helping me write my blog also helps her to examine and enjoy all the things that life has to offer.

That storm does sound kind of scary.


LadyFi said...

Coming here via Murray and Clive. A lovely hopeful post. Sending positive thoughts your way!

Thor said...

What a fabulous post, Max. You´re so wise. We´re thinking of you all.

Thor and Mom

Piappies World said...

Hi there Maxdog and Max's Mom,

We thank you for your post. Indeed there are so many good things to learn from our beloved furry loves.
Sometimes, worrying about the future lessens the happiness we experience in the present.

We may just been recently connected but we have been reading your adventures Max through some of our common friends and you are truly a very special dog, friend, companion and much more. We believe that you are strong and the love you have around you especially from you family can give you more strength. You can count on us for this love, support and prayers!

Stay strong and all our prayers especially for Monday.

- Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

SGR said...

Woof! Mom's heart was pounding as she read your lovely n touching post. We truly agree. I will continue to provide you my Golden Healing Thoughts. If you have time, I have given you an award (Circle of Friends). Lots of Golden Thanks to your friendship. Woof! Sugar

Chester said...

We don't know what's more beautiful-the pictures or the message. Both are astounding and have started out our day with wonderful positive thoughts!

Thank you and I will continue to pray that Max will be with you (and his cyber-friends) for a very long time.

(((HUGS))) ♥ ♥ ♥
Chester and his Mom ;0=)

Kira The BeaWootiful said...

Wooos Max Dog! What n intelligent dog woo are to teach your Mom and Dad some of the most important lessons in life. I know sometimes they just do not get it, but live each and everyday as though tomorrow may never come, love those we hold dear, with a hug and a loose rein. Moms prying for woo and your family.
~ puppy kisses~
-Kira The BeaWootiful

YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

Max, thank you for teaching us to live in the moment. Every once in a while we all need to be reminded of that.
Yay on getting the appoitment on Monday and let's all hope for the best. Our thoughts and all your other bloggie friends thoughts will be with you.

Sam & June

BRUTUS said...

We dogs could teach the humans alot if they'd just listen, right Max? All that worrying does nothing except waste their energy, can't they see? I'm with you - live in the moment, and what will be will be. BTW, we think you are going to be just fine, but will be glad to hear that the specialist says so too :)

Brutus the Frenchie

Jake of Florida said...

Yep, that's one of the things we dogs do best -- live in the moment. If only we could teach all our humans that lesson. But perhaps Maz has already shared that lesson with his loving family!!

Jake and Just Harry

KB said...

Those special dogs, like Max, who become our personal guides are amazing. What a special boy he is.

It's one of the reasons that I never call myself K's mom. It feels much more like a partnership, where she often leads the way. I'm glad that Max is leading you.

I'm also glad about the Monday appointment.

Sheryl said...

Max Dog...you're so cool and your mom is so right - we can learn a lot from our four legged furry friends. I think the biggest thing we humans need to take out of it is "live in them moment". We never know how many more moments we'll have.

Max I have never met you or your mom but when I read about the trials and storms you're going through it makes my eyes tear up. I know you'll keep us updated. Keep that tail wagging....

Deborah said...

Hey Max, Live in the moment, a little DBT, dialectrical behavioral therapy. They teach this to humans! That is the only way to live, if only us humans can understand that, we may be a lot happier! Please tell your Mom that was a beautiful post and after I wiped the tears from my eyes, happy and sad tears, I started typing! Good Luck Monday my friend. Deborah and all my pets~

Samantha said...

What a strong and powerful "message-sender" you are, Max. Living in the moment is very hard for most hoomans to do, but we have an innate ability - and should try to help our peeps out here as best we can. I know you just did - those photos are so powerful, as is your message. And Max - I'm so glad you got an appointment for Monday - may it go WELL!!!! A wonderful post - thank you!
Hugs - huge golden ones xo

Petey said...

That beautiful post was only matched by Clive's comment. Our furry friends and children really are our best teachers, aren't they?

Wish we could be there to share a cuppa and give you a big squeeze, though Petey may not share Max's love of thunderstorms!

WIth love,

Jane and Petey

Tabatha and Echo said...


Its dogs like you that make me love the blogging world as much as I do. You are a true inspiration and uplifting being in the cyber world. Thank you for the reminder not to take life so seriously!!

Echo and his mom

Anna the GSD said...

Way to go Max! We still have sooooo much to teach our peoples don't we? Sometimes you just have to put everything aside and roll in the cowpies, and enjoy the experience for all it's worth!

Zooming healing thoughts across the ocean!

Sierra Rose said...

Oh Max! Yes, we will live in the moment....we will be thinking of you so much this weekend... How wonderful you are, and what a connection you have made around the globe! The 'Smile Murray - Max will be ok' note will resonate in our eyes, thinking of another sweet friend holding your photo near to his heart today.
We will check back soon....

With much love, hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose, mom and dad

Deetz said...

Hi I am Deetz and we came to send well wishes your way. Your are very smart to teach your human about living in the moment and how their is something more powerful then us. It is nice to meeta you and we will bark again.

Stella said...

Hey Max, great post! I am terrified of thunder storms but like you, my Mom loves them. She keeps thinking she will give me some of her attitude and maybe she will someday.

We all care, we all wish you the very best on Monday and we will get through whatever storm comes along!


Stella and Mom

The Other End Of The Leash said...

We have just found you through Clive's blog. So right about living in the moment, thank you for sharing that advice in the midst of such a difficult time. Sending puppy kisses and lots of hugs and good thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

OMG...I just typed my post before reading this and that was the gist of what we said too...dogs live in the moment...we should too...

I have chills on my skin!!!

And I don't believe for a moment that that clap of thunder and lightening wasn't some type of cosmic BARK from all over the world talking to you and Max...

Cool isn't it? You guys are NOT alone...we're all here with ya...and we're not going anywhere...cept for Scruffy...he needs a bath...

I'm so glad you got that appt. for Monday!

Hugs to all,

Mumsie....and Lacie and her stoopid brothers as she fondly calls them!!!

Dory and the Mama said...

Thank you Max for your wonderful words of wisdom!!!


caboval said...

What a wonderful post! And how wise is Max? I say lets live in this moment too!!! Sending you warm hugs and lots of kisses! We heart you Max! Joey and Kealani

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Ahh, Max. After spending a life with dogs, I too say it is the dogs that teach us. Living in the moment, enjoying the "small" things, is it any wonder that when man had to name the animals he chose DOG - God spelled backward- for our closest friend???
You are kept in the circle of paws beautiful golden boy.
We are sooooo happy for a Mon appt.
Remember, you are being held in our hearts, we are howling to heaven, bringing the power of the paw by way of Paws around the world-and we have 12 paws! and mom continues to pray that God does not need a sweet golden angel right now!!
Big ol Texas Hugs (also quite powerful!)
Sunny and the pack

The Army of Four said...

What an AWESOME post! Great lesson for all of us.
We love you, Max!!!

dewdana said...

That is a wonderful lesson Max! You are wise beyond your years. We so hate reading about cyber pals with the sickies but it truly makes me grateful for every healthy 'worry-free' moment I have with my Moose because we know they are limited. I think that is something I would forget or take for granted if I was not faced with the reality of so many pals that are the picture of health one day and out of no-where find themselves with unexpected troubles. For that we thank you and all the other bloggers who keep blogging even when times are tough and the posts are not happy (though this one is very uplifting to me). We are glad to know you are all hanging in there!
Moose + Dana

Faya said...

Our paws are crossed for you Max, here in Switzerland !
Kisses, Faya & Dyos

TwoSpecialWires said...

With this post, you made that clap of thunder one that was heard all around the world. And with it the lesson that it teaches.

Thank you for reminding all of us ...

Jake and Fergi and family

(We're glad you have an appointment for Monday. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers. And we believe in the best.)

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Animals really are the best teachers. What an incredible post, Caryl! So much wisdom!

"How cool was that Mom?" is so perfect, because I believe that every form of life has a consciousness, and at the end of it's physical life, is dancing in the non-physical saying, "How cool was that???" :-)

Much love,
Cloud and his mom

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan said...

We hope that Max will be able to continue appreciating the good things in life for many more years.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Our dogs have so much to teach us...if only most humans listen as well as you do!

The Brat Pack said...

We are sending good vibes your way...lovely post. :)

Maryann & THe Brat Pack

Ina in Alaska said...

Thanks Max for the reminder to live in the moment!! And.... we hope none of those rain spiders dropped in!! EEEK!!!! Good luck on Monday and.... We love you! Toby, Ginger & Jeter (as dictated to their Mom, Ina)

The Thundering Herd said...

What an awesome message, Max. We are thinking of you and your family this weekend.

Benny and Lily said...

You are very special Max
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Tessa was saying just that to to me Max, but I guess that I just forgot to listen, so thanks Max for reminding me to listen!

Hugs, Tessa's Mom

Homer said...

Hi Max,

Good luck on monday when you see the specialist. We will be thinking and howling for you from Italy. Do keep us posted, OK? We are sending pawsitive healing vibes to you!

Lots of Homer,

The OP Pack said...

Max and Max's Mom - this is just so beautiful and so inspiring. You have both been very prominent in our thoughts and prayers and we are hoping for the very best next week.

Hugs, the OP Pack

Farley said...

Max, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. You are such a good boy and we are with you in our thought!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Thank you for the reminder to live in the moment- in your beautiful post.
We will live in the moment right beside you!
Paws crossed forever

Tanuki Maxx said...

Hi Max and family!

That's a beautiful thought you shared, we will do just that!
Mommy loves the rainbow pic, it's really beautiful and she made a wish just for you!! Have a great weekend!!

Maxx & Mommy

Lorenza said...

Humans have a lot to learn from us, right?
We are tinking of you and sending you our best good vibes!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Jan Mader said...

Thank you for letting me and all of us be a part of your wonderful life.

Your reminder to live in the moment was not only wise it was beautiful and insightful.

Everytime I visit you I leave feeling warm and comforted by what you have to say and share. Today was no different. Thank you again.

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Just checking in on ya Max...we're thinking of you dear one!!!!

Wanted to tell you too, how much we loved your rainbow pic!!!

Kisses and tons of love,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanny

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Max has a very good point - we should learn to live in the moment and not worry so much about everything else. Very smart boy you have there!

We are still sending you purrs and prayers to keep doing well - we totally believe that everyone out here sending their good thoughts out can help make things better, even if it is just knowing we are out here and we do hope for good things for you all. We hope Max's visit goes well and he can have his surgery that he needs and heal up quick!

chicamom85 said...

Max, You are very smart and we can all learn from your calm in the storm.
I know you will be ok, paws up to you my pal!

licks and sniffs, Sasha

p.s. That would have scared the poopoo out of me

Asta said...

Not only awe you gowgeous,but oh so wise. Thank you fow weminding us..sometimes hoomans spend all theiw time on "what if's" and lose those pwecious moments that you wemidned us to enjoy.

I love you wif all my heawt and will be pwaying and cwossing my paws fow that appointment on monday to go well.
I know you will not be wowwying, and I'm glad that you awe telling youw mom to follow y ouw example
smoochie healing kisses deaw Max

KK said...


Anya said...

Hi Max
We are just thinking on you !!
I hope all is well ......
I just want to give you
a BIG BIG hug today
We love you .......
Kareltje =^.^=
Mommy Anya :)

Cheyenne -Millie said...

What wonderful clouds! But very scary that lightning!

Chelsea + Shiloh said...

Its never what i can teach the dogs but always what life lessons I can learn from them... love the photo of max in the study door... will be prayin for you on Monday... I feel in my bones it will be ok...x

Kasha said...

Beautiful, beautiful post! My goodness what a terrific writer you are. I a so glad Max is doing so well!
Kasha and Africa

Dog By Nature said...

Max is wise, heed his words:)

The Bumpass Hounds said...

You are indeed a wise dog. We are holding you in our prayers, along with Ms. Snickers. Que Sera, Sera; but we can hope for the best.