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Friday, April 23, 2010


MAXDOG here...
Hello there to all my furry-buddies across our wonderful planet!
Today is my...
76th Day of Grace...
and it is also
Yes, we have only 48 days to go!!!...
before the kickoff the the
Soccer Fever is starting to build dramatically in our country !!!
Flags are flying on cars on our roads, Vuvuzelas are sounding, news reports tell of the state of our own,
and there is a general festive air in the mood of the country's citizens.
We are ready to welcome all our international visitors!!!
(If you are worried about TAMMY GIRL's expression, please don't!  My dear girlfriend went into a dramatic trance when MAXMOM put the T-shirt on her.  It was really quite funny! She has never had a T-shirt on in her 9yrs of life.  She was literally stunned! The minute the T-shirt was removed however, she went darting off into the garden...presumably to chase the Hadedah Ibises. Rest assured:
No Tammy-doggies were harmed in the taking of this picture!!!)
Although my own humans were unable to get tickets to this amazing event,
our household is also wrapped in the excitement. 
How do you like our T-Shirts?
Are we good ambassadors or what?!
Even KING TOFFEE looks kinda festive!!!...
He'd better put a smile on his face!
(I'll have to talk to him)

Our Stadiums are ready...

aren't they just stunning?!

Anyway, since it's only 48 days left, I will have to catch up on my sleeping!...

Mom says she is holding thumbs that I am around for the kick-off!
What do you mean, mom? I am a fighter!
On the day of the kickoff it will be my...
124th day of Grace!
What a moment that will be!

Wishing you all a fantabulous weekend!
It is a long weekend in South Africa this weekend with
being celebrated on Tuesday.
"IF" my blogposts are scanty,
just know that I am celebrating!!!




Priscilla said...

All of you look like you're getting ready to rumble into the football season!
We'll be cheering South African on with you!
Have a great day Max & Family!

We will be celebrating hard with you on the 124th day of Grace! And also on the 366th!

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Max oh boy are you one handsome man dog in that orange shirt. Madi says to tell Tammy she better keep a lookout for a sneaky kitty trying to steal her man...Happy 76th Max
Madi and Mom

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

You all look wonderful in your shirts - your house is so full of positive spirit - and it lifts us all up every time we read your blog.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

Ginger Jasper said...

I just love todays pictures.. How smart in our T shirts.. Just lovely..You will be here my friend.. You are doing so well.. Hugs GJ xx

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Maxmom, ask your vet if he can get a product called Nutri-Cal. It is a very yummy gel that looks like it is in a toothpaste tube. It is loaded with nutrients and CALORIES. Momma keeps some on hand for any of us that gets under the weather (aren't we in the weather) to help us keep on our weight. Max should love it and if he doesn't it is furry easy to just squirt a little inside his cheek (the things our momma does fur us☺). You might also be able to find it at a furry good pet supply store or maybe a feed store for farm animals.

We think that ALL of you look very dapper in your shirts - especially Maxdog. Maybe Miss Tammy was hopin' her shirt would be pink - girls like pink, Maxdog.

Sending all of our ♥s to you from Michigan all the way to South Africa on this sunny morning.

hugs to all...

Piappies World said...

We looooove loooooove your World Cup shirts, Max, Tammy and King Toffee!!!

We are more excited about the World Cup now. How we wish Mr. Boss can still find ways to get tickets. We can imagine how much he would want to be there. We also pray harder that we celebrate more Days of Grace with you dear Max! We love you lots!

- Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & the Piappies

Sheila and Bob said...

Boy you guys look great all decked out in your colorful shirts.
Max, you will be here for the Big event, we have no doubt.
Love Ya!!!!!!

Hamish & Sophie

Ina in Alaska said...

Tammy's Trance and King Toffee's expression are priceless! Max looks as happy as ever! Happy weekend and enjoy all the fun! xoxo

meowmeowmans said...

Love the pictures today, Maxdog! You all look quite festive. :)

Happy 76th Day of Grace, buddy. Hey, what's 48 more?

Have a great time celebrating this weekend. :)

Bouncing Bertie said...

Hi the Maxdog and Maxmom

As my team (Scotland, yes SCOTLAND, Gail!) are not playing, and I am supposed to be following in Hamish's pawprints, and I know he promised to support South Africa in the World Cup, then count me in as a big South Africa supporter.

Gail says she thinks that it might be a similar experience to supporting Scotland, I am not quite sure what she means by this...

Ana apparently we are "going to have a discussion" about my intention to cheer for any team who are playing England...

Toodle pip!

KB said...

I am so glad that you called Toffee by his proper title of King!

Love the t-shirt photos! Poor Tammy - she's going to have to get used to these photo shoots, with her glamorous good looks, she has many of them in the future.

Enjoy your long weekend with your whole family, MaxDog and mom!

Clive said...

Hi Max

We love you both in your t-shirts! Especially that yellow t-shirt Max! We're getting very excited about the football too - we'll shout for SA seeing as Ireland didn't get there!

Make sure you pop over to our blog today and see the lovely card that JD and Max sent us - it reminded us so much of you and Tammy! The NSLM is also looking good in a new yellow t-shirt, just like you Max!

Have a lovely long weekend!

take care
Clive and the NSLM

Samantha said...

Lots of celebrating on this 76th Day of Grace, Max! You and Tammy (sorry you got freaked out by the shirt, dear one!) look perfect for the games and Toffee looks pawsitively royal! Wow, what stadiums - they are just incredibly beautiful! Have fun with all the celebrations!
Hugs xo

TK said...

YOu guys and gals look fabulous in your tee-shirts! We loves that festive feeling, when everyone can forget their troubles for a little while and relax. We hopes you has a great time.
Happy 76 dear Max.

the booker man said...

i looove the shirts, ya'll!!
my mama says the stadiums look grrreat, and she can hardly wait 48 more days!
happy 76th day, mr. max!! enjoy your nap. :)
the booker man

kissa-bull said...

dear maxdog love of the 6pack tee hee
we are furry happish to shee you guys are into the football spirit
we are getting exciteables here in our household ash well. we think of your bewootiful pack each time we hear a commercial about it.we tell everyone how we have most wonderful furryends in south africa.

pibble wiggles
the pittie pack

YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

Love those t-shirts! Poor Tammygirl, but she looks so pretty!
Maxdog, we know you are a fighter and you WILL be around for the kick-off!

Sam & June

KT and Lady said...

Best of luck to the host country's team. Hope you make a good showing just like our Canadian friends did at the winter Olympics.

Barks of encouragement from Lady to Max - keep piling those days up.

######### & ##############

KT and Lady

Anya said...

Nice to see you in sweaters :))
looks really cool !!
Happy 76th Max ...
Hugs Love from Kareltje =^.^=

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Oh Max, that second picture of you is just so cute, my mom about fell on the floor!!
We love you so much!!!!!!

Happy weekend to you and your family!

Cloud and his mom

Jacqueline said...

All of you look fantastic in your t-shirts, really adorable!...I'm so glad you guys are planning such a fun weekend full of celebrations!...Kisses, hugs and blessings to you all.

Sychoberians said...

Hooray for day 76 Max.

We have a Futbol, we try to tear it apart. We are not huge Futball fans here but we do plan to catch some World Cup action on the TV here in the US, we are actually looking forard to it, especially US vs UK. Dads brother in law is from UK so we are hoping for a UK loss. Woo Hoo.

You all look great in your Futball shirts.

Take care Max

Remy and Flash

JD and Max said...

Hi Max - we're very excited, this will be our first world cup! You all look very dashing in your t-shirts, although we did giggle at Tammy-girl's expression, he he he! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Mrs. JP said...

MY DEAR MAX, TAMMY AND TOFFEE: I presumed that it was some sort of fever that caused your MOM to put those shirts on you all. Tammy looks like she's just had water sprayed in her face and can't believe this is actually happening to her. Toffee looks miffed as usual. LOL..MAX you are patient with your MOM...we love her. Actually, I think that if we lived across the holler from one another your MOM and I would be getting into lots of things together. Happy days to you all.....we're rooting for your team.

The Life of Riley said...

Dear Max,

Mum and I loved the photos – you are the best doggie mascot for the World Cup, though we see what you mean about Tammy!

Anyway in honour of you Max, my mum’s said she wants to teach me a few tricks with a football, put me in our team's colours (New Zealand will be there for the first time in 28 years!!), take some photos and then post them on my blog the day the World cup starts.

SHE HOPES LOTS OF YOUR FRIENDS WILL ALSO DO THIS, so Max you’ll need to invite them if you like this idea as so many read your blog posts. That way we figured you and your mom will have something else to look forward to (as if having the world cup in you country isn’t enough!!!) because, on the day the World Cup starts, the doggie bloggie world will get to see MAX’S VERY OWN SOCCER WORLD CUP TEAM!

Let me know what you think Max, because at the moment I have four left paws so it is going to take all those 48 days to get those action shots just right, so any "Football Friday" words of MaxDog-wisdom you can give (as our COACH) will be a big help.


Nika + PARKER said...

You all look fantastic in your jerseys!!! We are big football fans and are looking forward to the World Cup! Montreal is a HUGE soccer city with a big Italian population - however, Mom + I are rooting for the SWISS!!! Thanks for sharing !

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

GReat pikhs!

I played some more of MY football Friday afternoon - that video will be on Sunday's post - and I have some on Saturday as well!

We hope all of woo have a pawesome weekend!


The Island Cats said...

Max, you look pawsome in your T-shirt!! We hope you have a great weekend!

Ms. ~K said...

Oh My, you all look wonderful in your shirts....I do hope Tammy wasn't too traumatized by the event...she is such a sweetie to cooperate.
Hugs and belly rubs to all,
Kit and Pups

Nellie and Calvert said...

Wow, those stadiums are stunning!

You guys look great in the t-shirts, the color becomes you.

You are always in our thoughts.

Belly rubs
Nellie & Calvert

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi my friends,
you all look soooo festive in your new shirts. I can see you are really in the spirit.
You all look beautifuls.
We are happy for all this excitement you are having,

sprinkles said...

When I saw you all wearing those shirts, I thought maybe you joined a football team! BOL

Shiver's never worn any kind of clothing either. I wonder if he'd have the same reaction as Tammy or not. Chico's former owner gave me a couple of shirts. I don't put them on him because when he goes potty, he pees on his shirt.

I have NO doubt Max will make it to 124 days of grace and beyond!

Mango said...

You all look splendid in your outfits. Nothing like a little team spirit to get the old blood racing.


Anonymous said...

You all look SO cutes in your shirts! My Brudder Ranger walks around like a mummy when my mom puts clothes on him. He finds it...how does he put it?...degrading and mortifying. Oh, I was wondering...what's a Vuvuzela?

Wiggles & Wags,

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit and the happy face, Max :)

Sheryl said...

MaxDog - you all look stunning in your t-shirts and you are a fighter and half. Hang in there buddy.

ScrapsofMe said...

Well, no wonder Tammy girl was put out....thats a GUY shirt! Max Mom needs to get her something pretty, like the cami style with some bling on it. Maybe pink or purple. And something that fits a little better, we girlies like to show off our form. A t-back tank maybe. She needs to be stylin' when it's game time.


Cheyenne -Millie said...

Your looking good in your orange jersey! We cross our kitty paws for you!

caboval said...

oh how exciting it must be!!! and youre shirts are so awesome!!! Max youre amazing and bring us hope everyday!!! Love you so much!! And your family!!! Hugs Joey and Kealani