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Friday, March 26, 2010

MAXMOM here...

Hello there to all my friends across the globe!!

When I wake up in the morning, one of the first things I usually see is
occupying his throne!

"Good morning your Highness!"

Now what does the day have to offer?...

When I open up my curtain I am never sure what day awaits me. Nowadays a pretty Dahlia is the first to say "hello" since it has grown as high as my window sill!

There is a lot to be thankful for and I would like to start off this blogpost by saying a belated, but sincere THANK YOU to some of my blogging buddies who have bestowed awards on me...

We received this  "I LOVE YOU" award sometime ago from Jacqueline at:

Thank you so much, Jacqueline!

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We also received this"GOLDEN CUP" award from PIBBLE...

Thank you, PIBBLE!!!


and our special "TESSA"  bestowed this special, personalised award on us...

Thank you so much sweet friends for this!!!


I also owe a very belated THANK YOU to  COCO and TIFFANE:...


Whilst I really appreciate being given these awards, I feel reluctant to mention specific bloggers to whom I would like to pass them on.  You see,
ALL my friends
 are extremely important to me and I hesitate to single them out, so please could I ask that if you haven't received these awards, please feel free to take them with the love from where they originate!


Now for today's news...

KINGTOFFEE has improved dramatically over the past few days!
He's back to his old self in his attempts to rule the roost. I had to get him back to the Vet this morning to attend to his bandage and check his foot.
As usual, he enjoyed the car ride...

 has been pronounced well and fit but still has to wear his bandage for another few days.

However when we got the the Vet, we were greeted by a very sleepy feline...

But there is another kitty (resident at our Vet's clinic) who has edged it's way into a far MORE superior position than KING TOFFEE ever will be. This ginger kitty goes by the name of MONTY and is always on the prowl. He has appointed himself responsible for checking out all the patients. MONTY is a VERY FAT kitty indeed and a formidable entity!

Well we all steered clear of the clearly grumpy "MONTY"!!!.
 He was really in a miserable mood, vocalising loudly and eventually attacked the other kitty in the old man's lap!!!


 Despite me being very amused with the cat-fight, I did feel rather sorry for the old man in the chair who was caught amidst all the commotion.
 He eventually emerged -alive - with a number of tender (and bleeding) scratches. Poor man!

(Toffee- a now loyal and shivering royal subject - had been at the end of his lead, half way to the exit during this kitty rumble!)

After the feline disagreement was settled, MONTY strutted around the corridors, no worse for wear, but clearly miffed...!

Back at home however the incident has been forgotten and
has been reinstated to his full glory.


MAXDOG is doing okay...
...and has taken to lying around in precarious positions...

...but he also takes time out to smell the plants...

Mostly though, he follows me around and lies at my feet...

He soldiers on...
...painfree and reasonably happy...
...enjoying his walks...
...and very picky about his food! 
His "liver mass" is palpable and quite hard to the touch. 
MAXDOG is generally not so well during the morning and refuses all food.
He does however improve by mid afternoon and I suspect he's battling with nausea.
 The Vet has given him some further medication to stimulate his appetite and assist with the nausea...but this is his...


...and we are thankful!

Lastly a picture of our beautiful "Cosmos" flowers lining our roads at the moment...

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful and happy weekend!!!

It's going to be a busy one for us here, so I am not sure if I will get to post this weekend.

 If not...
I'll see you all on Monday!

With lotsaluv


Madi and Mom said...

Happy 48th day of Grace Max!!! You look very handsome today too sweet friend.

We are so glad King Toffee's paws are better...mom has allergies (not on her paws :-) ) so she knows how miserable one can feel.
Happy Weekend,
Madi and Mom

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

#1 says Cosmos are among her favourite flowers!

We're glad that Toffee is better and that Max is sharing his 48th day of grace with all of us.

The tale of the bossy pussycat at the vet's was fun. Our vet has one too. His name is Lukey and he checks everything and everyone out!

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Cosmos bloom in my area in the spring - yours in the fall. Isn't that amazing☺

Happy to know that Toffee is on the mend. What the dog-tor placed on his boo-boo must be VetWrap. I can put some in the box that I will be sending to you. I have a very inexpensive source.

Happy to see that Max can relax! Have a great weekend with the family! I'll be cleaning in preparation for the Easter holiday with the family.

MurphyDog said...

That's one large & in charge kitty!

So glad to hear Toffee's paw is doing better. As for Max...he is truly a miracle every day.

Dat belly is just askin for a rub!

wags, wiggles & slobbers

Priscilla said...

We can tell that Maxdog is a real fighter! Keep fighting Max. We don't want you to go yet!

Ms. ~K said...

Monty needs a muzzle, huh?
Yay, about Toffee's paw!

Max looks so happy at your feet...I love him so much!
Happy Weekend to you all,

ps...if the postcard doesn't arrive soon, I'll contact Lance and see about getting another.

Stella said...

Good Day, Max! Happy 48th Day of Grace!

So the King is back in good shape, and that is good to hear.

We wish you all a happy weekend, even though it will be busy.


JC said...

I hope you have several walks with Max and the gang this weekend.

KB said...

What a scene at the vet's!! Poor old man, poor kitty in his lap and poor KING! I'm glad that everyone emerged almost unscathed.

I love seeing the photo of your two lovable Goldens at your feet. I'm sorry that mornings are tough for MaxDog. I wish that I had a magic wand... because I know what I'd use it for.

Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

Anonymous said...

Um, I thinks Monty may be related to my kitteh-brudder Ripley. They looks a lot alike and it's obvious Monty thinks he's in control of that ship, too. Pirate Kitteh, yo ho!

Happy 48th Day of Grace, Maxdog. You're so handsome!

And I'm Most Relieved King Toffee is on the mend.

Wiggles & Wags,

Mrs. JP said...

Wow, cat fights are really bad. That poor man just sitting there with his kitty. Bad Monty :O(
We're so happy for Toffee's good report and thankful for each day of grace given to MAX and family.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khongrats to The King!

I would have gladly refereed that khat fight ;-)

Here's to MaxDog and his pawesome sleeping style!

Nothing wrong with that one!

Here's to Day 48!


brooke said...

Happy 48th day of grace MaxDog!!! We're all routing for many more for you!

King Toffee in the car... there's a big smile on his face in that second picture! Too cute!

BRUTUS said...

So many lovely things to see around your house, no wonder Max is still sticking around happily! Those crazy cats, though... We dogs are much more agreeable, don't you say??

Brutus the Frenchie

McGillicutty said...

So happy that KingToffee is on his throne and feeling better again!

Max, I sleep in all kinds of precarious positions too! Me thinks that it means that we are having the best of dreams, me lad! You are so lucky to have that beautiful yard with the lovely flowers. We are still waiting for spring to finally stay so that our flowers will bloom. Me thinks you are lookin' good, me favorite lad!!!

Irish love,

Jacqueline said...

Very glad to hear Toffee is doing well and can get rid of those bandages soon!...I love Max's tummy shot, it's a very adorable sleeping position!...I hope Max's meds make him feel better and make him want to eat more; he is a beautiful, courageous fighter...Happy weekend, love and blessings to you all.

Angus said...

Are they tassles on that green cushion or does Toffee have very long legs?

Samantha said...

So glad to hear King Toffee is getting better - good news! Love to see Max's tummy pix too - what a dear to sleep at your feet! His 48th day of Grace - wonderful. Congrats on the awards - so furry well deserved! And that dahlia is just gorgeous to wake up to! Sorry we've not been around - puter issues again have robbed us of almost a week of cybertime - terrible when one is so addicted! Stay comfortable Max and rest - looks like you are doing just that! Have a good weekend.
Hugs - huge ones and tons of xoxoxoxoxoxo,

TK said...

We're glad Toffee is getting better, and are ever hopeful that Maxdog continues his grace as long as he wants to.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Happy 48th day of Grace Max!!! May you have hundreds more!!!

Glad that the King is on the mend.

Have a Great Weekend!

Hugs, Tessa

The Life of Riley said...

Mum and I were a bit concerned when we first saw the photo of you and King Toffee at mom's feet - we thought the white things at the corners of the cushion might have been spare parts for Toffee as they look just like him!

Have a good weekend Max. We are thinking of you.

Woofs, Riley

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Happy 48th day Max!!

And King Toffee we are very glad you are feeling better! It is too bad you have to keep the bandage a few more days though!

And the poor man in the middle of a cat fight! We know how those are very well!

Benny and Lily said...

Yea for 48...congrats on your awards. Toffee careful of that kitty kat..they could be very sneakiy
Benny & Lily

houndstooth said...

I'm envisioning the cat attack and giggling to myself! We're glad Max and Toffee are both feeling good!


Twinkietinydog said...

Pretty funny episode at the vets :) Glad to hear the King is back! As for Max, BOL on that sweet and funny shot.
Have a wonderful weekend

Sychoberians said...

HooRay for Max. We are very happy for his 48th day of grace.

We are not so sure we would have put up with a cat fight at the vet. Very bad manners.

Remy and Flash

The OP Pack said...

Who would have thought tht Max had so many days ahead of him - he is so blessed with each new day.

Glad to hear that Toffee is doing better. Now to get that foot 100%.

Have a great weekend.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

the booker man said...

that is one naughty and very fat kitty! king toffee, in all his infinite wisdom, was quite smart to keep his distance. i'm glad his paw is almost 100%.
happy weekend to all of you!!
kisses to sweet max.

the booker man's mama

kissa-bull said...

we are shivering wiff fear . that evil grumpy kitty ish a meaner for sure
please to take care of king toffee his loyal subject are most worried.
we also awarded you in our thankful thursday post this week
when you get a chance maybe you can ck it out
pibble sugars and wee wags
the pittie pack

Sam said...

Maxdog, we are sending more hugs your way, but share some with your Mom. You are truly a fighter, defying the odds. Love the pictures of the cats - although Sam would not want to go in a vet's office that had cats!


Marg said...

Max dog, you sure are a strong mancat. Happy 48th day. Keep up the good job. We haven't visited you in a long time and very sorry for that. Our assistant just gets too busy darn it all. The cats at the vets looked kind of scary. Hope you have a great week end.

Dog By Nature said...

Fight on Max! Everyday is a joy...stay strong and love much!

Sheryl said...

I have been MIA for a while and just learning of Max's health. I am so sorry to hear this and it brings tears to my eyes as I read it.

I keep you all in my prayers.

It is so weird to hear that you are going into fall as we are going into spring.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Well done Max. Just keep enjoying each day as it comes ~ none of us can do more than that.

Smoochies and healing purrs to yoo.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Looks like a lovely day there. It's pretty nice here too. The dogs have been in and out a number of times. Cyndi got caught in the mass exodus at one point and ended up outside on the step wondering how she got there. (We cats don't go outside.) We finally got a little breather to visit a few blogs, so we came to catch up.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

That is a scary thing ... a grumpy kitty!! Monty is brave!

King Toffee is a real king!

48 days of Grace! Dear Max!!

Lorenza said...

A cat fight?? Sounds very scary!
Glad to know Toffee is doing so well!
Sure is nice to see that beautiful flower in the morning!
I hope Max is feeling well too!
Kisses and hugs

ocmist said...

So glad to hear Toffee is doing better, and that you are hanging onto the gusto of life, dear Friend!

I think someone needs to take that CAT down a peg or two! Maybe we should come over there for your next visit, King Toffee, and be your body guards! The CCC

Anonymous said...

Cute blog! Check out my blog about my adventures with my black lab named Sage.


meowmeowmans said...

I'm glad King Toffee's vet appointment went well, and that he is doing better! Glad everyone survived the cat skirmish, too...

You look great, Max. Glad you are able to take time out for nice walks and plant-smelling. Keep on hanging in there, buddy ... we love you! :)

The Bumpass Hounds said...

Hey Ms Caryl and Max Dog and Tammy and Toffee and Tommy and everybody else,
Congratulations on all of your awards.
Both Alex and Boru say that that Monty character doesn't look so big and tough to them. For plane fare and chicken they'd gladly fly over and take care of the problem.
Glad to her that His Highness and returning to wellness and his old form but we thought he looked rather charming wearing his C.O.S.
How special that Max is enjoying his time of Grace. We know that the journey seems to be slowing as he nears the statin but it doesn't amtter at this time,; your are enjoying your time together and he is comfortable. We hold you all so closely from so far away and you are in our hearts and our prayers every single day because we love you, even if from afar,

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oh Max, we are so happy you are enjoying spring, sniffin flowers and chillaxin in funny positions! and Toffee gave us a nice tour of the Vets office...attack cat, wow. We have a special needs Exotic Shorthair as our clinic cat and she is a 'pet rock' and you mostly have to watch you don't trip over her, but she has the sweetest temperament ever and our clients love her (but not enough to adopt her, lol)

Deborah said...

We hope you had a nice weekend! We have been very busy too! I'm glad all is well!

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Glad King Toffee is getting back in the swing of being king! Yikes a cat attack would be scary to us too. Max sure looks comfy there. think I'll go lay down & try to recreate that look!! BOL.

Thanking God for another day to see and read about Max!