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Monday, May 11, 2009



Thought I'd show you what the twins look like in their new winter jackets....

pathetic, don't you think?

Luv Maxxxxxxxx


Amber-Mae said...

Will it really keep them warm? Our hoomans make us wear hooman sweaters. Those ones really cover us up nicely All they do is just renovate it a little bit so that it fits us pawfectly. But I think the twins looks cute anyways...

Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies

CAM said...

Hey Amber...those jackets...I think mom bought those jackets just to "Pretty up the poodles!". I don't think they are really to keep them warm. Here in South Africa the weather is very pleasant and sunny. Sometimes in summer, mom has to indeed shave us, to keep us cool. We are also "house" dogs, so when it gets chilly, we snuggle up to the heaters in the house. I admit...we are quite spoilt. Luv Max...and thanks for your comments.

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, I had no idea you guys are in South Africa! Well, the I guess it means no snow? In Malaysia it is ALWAYS summer we are fed up of it! Nowadays, Mommy leaves the air-cond on for us 24/7. It is to keep us comfortable but most importantly, keep the pups comfortable as their coats are sooper thick!

By the way, Mommy wants to ask you, when you were a show dog, your nails were quite short right? I've seen some show dogs not only Goldens but other breeds too who have very very short nails. Almost nothing left but it's still there. The problem is, Mommy never maintained our nails that short when we were younger so our nails grew pretty long & just recently, she decided to not neglect them anymore & keep em' short. She has been cutting it bit by bit every two to three days because we heard that the quick retracts as we cut it shorter. Well the problem is, it's no longer retracting. It's stuck. Well, almost half the length is gone but there's still 30% left to go to get it real short. Do you think Mommy should just cut it off fast but it will bleed & we probably will scream in pain or should she bring us to the vet & get us knocked out 1st & then get our nails cut short? Another thing is, my 7 puppers are only 5 weeks & my Mommy has been maintaining them but the quick is growing out the same time not matter how much she controls the growth. I wonder how do the breeders maintain their pups' nails so short? Did they cut the whole thing off when they were born? We have no idea. Mommy didn't do this. Do give some insight you have any.

Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies

CAM said...

Hi Amber-Mae's Mommy (?), Caryl here(Max's mom). Please will you email me at lescaryl@mweb.co.za and I will reply directly to you about the nails. I love your blog too, so perhaps we can chat outside this forum. Take care, Caryl