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Friday, October 23, 2009


Hello there every furry buddy!
TAMMY here...

I know he's my boyfriend, but I must admit that I am beginning to think that

MAXDOG is becoming lazy!

He seems to like taking a day off from blogging and has allowed me, once again, to do today's blogpost. I like that because I get a chance to give you my own perspective on things...


Well, first of all, Mom says that there were lots of comments after yesterday's blogpost. She has tried to answer all your questions, so if you had asked a question, please check the comments section of yesterday's post. Thank you to everyone for all your opinions.

But.. "The Boss" and others in this household say that things aren't as bad as we were telling yesterday. It's just that Mom herself gets nervous here and she asks that you please keep that in mind!

Anyway, I really wanted to tell you about my lazy boyfriend! He kinda slept the whole day yesterday whilst mom was busy in her kitchen!!!


You see, Mom had an order for some yummy carrot-cake muffins...

(excuse the table cloth...it was upside down at the time!)

MAXDOG always stays in the kitchen when Mom is baking...he stays alert (or sleeps) and ready for a taste or two, despite Mom being strict on his eating habits.
Yes, I suppose MAXDOG follows Mom around everywhere!
... and I follow him!
....and TOFFEE follows me!
...and TOMMY either follows him or does his own thing.
Mom always seems to have four of us in her shadow.

Here is MAX lying on the kitchen floor...
Now here's a thing...
I am really an 'OUTSIDE' dog at heart.
Although I love staying close to MAXDOG, I enjoy the garden too. So after getting really bored in the kitchen, I tried to encourage MAX outside.
Look what he did...
He just lay down again on the patio!!!
Well, I eventually gave up on MAXDOG and went into the garden. I love seeing everything there and watching out for feathered intruders. Sometimes I pretend that I am a cow and nibble on the grass tufts. Sometimes I just sit and think and sometimes I just sit!

Well, while I was lying there on the lawn, I noticed many green leaves on the grass.
(see all the leaves near where I am lying!?!)
It's summer here, so the leaves shouldn't be falling off the trees!
Something is up!!!

When I looked up into the trees, I could see that a few of the branches have been stripped bare. Branches that should have leaves now only have twigs!!! AND at the end of some of them are some funny shaped grassy constructions!

Well, I searched for the culprit and saw a strip of yellow. I heard him tweet too. He's has a harem of his own, it seems....he has built himself nests all around our garden... in quite a few trees! He is the only MALE WEAVER BIRD around, but I think he has quite a few females occupying those nests. Mr weaver bird certainly has been busy!!!

Mom managed to get a photo of the culprit... flapping his wings and all!
He makes such a noise!
Well, after reassuring myself that nothing was amiss, I settled down to a nap
...without my MAXDOG! I suppose it is good to given myself some personal space too!

It's weekend!!!
Time to relax and enjoy the wonderful company of family and friends!
Enjoy your weekend too.
Lots of neat licks


Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

Hi Tammy

We love Max but always enjoy seeing things from your perspective too. We have a similar situation here. Tuck follows Mom everywhere, but Daisy enjoys contemplating the world from our porch some times. Thanks for the pictures of the weaver bird, that's so cool, no one here does nests like that.

Tucker and Daisy

Cocorue said...

hello Tammy, nice hearing from you

you follow Maxi who follows your mumsy.....

i just follow mumster who follows dadster who follows moi bol.........

let Maxi rest as he must have alot on his shoulders looking after mumsy and the rest of you

give Maxi a kiss from me, TQ

Abbey@Pink Daisy Designs said...

Love the cakes.. did you pipe them all..pretty impressive, I so know what you mean by 4 shadows... i have three and when i move they are with me... I say 'guys im just going to the next room'... but they dont care...

How cool is that little bird and nest.. do they come back to it each year or make a new one?

Abbey@Pink Daisy Designs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SGR said...

Woof! Hi there I am Sugar ... Just stopping by and making new friends. LOVE your photos and pawlicious muffins. Looking forward to hear from you. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Ina in Alaska said...

Such a sweet post Tammy! I am sure those cupcakes were delicious! Your house is just like our house. Kitchen + cooking = dogs underfoot!! Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the Weaver Bird community!!!

TwoSpecialWires said...

Enjoy your lovely weekend, Tammy, along with your family and friends. We can imagine the delicious scents wafting from your kitchen, and catching a glimpse of that bright yellow flash must add an unexpected dash of moving color to your time outside. (That's really quite unusual nest he or she or they have built!) Enjoy!
Jake and Fergi

KB said...

A Weaver Bird - he's beautiful. And, he makes very intricate nests.

I'm with you Tammy - I'd keep trying to get Max outside. Lying in the sun looks blissful!

Thor said...

Hi Tammy!
Beautiful post! I bet those muffins were delicious! Beautiful pictures in your garden. Have a wonderful weekend with Max and all the family!


Dory and the Mama said...

That must be one handsome weaver to have so many girlfriends!!! Thanks for all the great information Tammy!!


YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

Hey Tammy, we enjoy reading your post and we think you should do it more often.
Did you get to sample some of those muffins?

Sam & June

The Thundering Herd said...

Tammy - Sometimes you just have to strike out on your own. Max will come find you when his, er, nap is over.

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics!

When we lived in SA in the late 70 things weren't too bad but was starting to get bad when we left. My parents said that is one of the reasons we left. Knowing my parents they were ready for a change of scenery LOL. I think they love to move lol.

Sam said...

What a neat bird nest! We have nothing like that in Arizona! Maybe Maxdog is tired from his night time walk? Please be careful!


Maggie and Mitch said...

How beautiful your weaver bird is, Tammy, and those carrot muffins sure do look yummy and they're very pretty too!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

The Army of Four said...

THose muffins look INCREDIBLE! I didn't know your mom is a professional baker!!! Mmm... they look so good! I gotta tell ya, Tammy - the kitchen is where it's happenin'. I LOVE to supervise my mom when she cooks and bakes. You never know what's going to hit the floor!
Play bows,
PS: That birdie is so COOL looking!

Mango said...

I think Max is missing out by napping inside. Nothing beats a nice sun bake.

That is one busy bird. I hope all his hard work attracts a nice girlfriend such as yourself.


Hamish Westie said...

Hi Tammy
Please give my pal Max a break. Us older chaps need plenty of sleep you know!
Cheers, Hamish.
PS I never thought of birds bring that clever until now. Well, you learn something new everyday (reading this wonderful blog)

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Of khourse, I enjoy seeing the take from the girrrrrrl's point of view!

Tank woo fur sharing!

Mom shared your blog with my Auntie Di bekhause of the nice words woo pawed fur Unkhle Paul...she was furry impressed with how beaWOOtiful and handsome woo 'Golden Smooches' are (that is what she khalls your breed evfur since she had her Sierra)!

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...


Your yard looks beautiful! Do you go swimming? MaxDog is really missing out, the yard is so very inviting. We have more weeds than grass.

I think you ought to fill in for Max MORE often! We enjoy a young girls point of view!

Hugs, Tessa

Benny and Lily said...

Oh Tammy..that's boys for ya!
Lily (& Benny)

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey buddy,

You have been nominated for Awesome Blog Award - head on over to the Bone Zone and cast your vote :)



Cheyenne -Millie said...

Hmmmm! We likes that birds nest!! Can we come over to see it?

Stella said...

I have never seen a Weaver Bird, Tammy! What a beautiful nest he makes for his family. . .and does he have several families?

You have a good weekend, too. Enjoy the family time.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Tammy!
You did a pawesome job with this post!
I can imagine you all following your Mom!
Thos muffins look delicious!
And that must be a very proud bird!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

We don't have pretty birds here like that, so cool! I'd probably be in the kitchen though :)

MAX said...

ABBEY: Thanks for the lovely comment! Yes, I did bake them and pipe them myself...I sometimes get orders for some baking and love it!

ABBEY: The MALE WEAVER BIRD spends his days building endless nests which he then pulls apart if the female doesn't like them in any way. Sometimes those trees have up to 8 nests at a time. He never stops building and flirting and is EXTREMELY territorial. Any other weaver arriving in his territory is escourted off the property immediately! It's like a daily soap opera..and very cute!

YD: mmmm...NO Tammy didn't get to sample those muffins, but the pooches got a doggie treat instead - as they always do! (If they don't bother me while Im working!)

AO4: Sadly I'm NOT a real professional baker - I just do some small jobs every so often on request.

STELLA: Yes the WEAVER BIRD loves building a harem and I have seen him chatting up a number of females and indeed having a number of nestlings at the same time. By the way...he is an incredible acrobat - stripping palm leaves for their thin strips of foliage to build the nest and hanging upside down whiles he weaves these strips into his beautiful nests.