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Thursday, June 25, 2009



Hello everyone...
I live in a really crazy houshold! Let me tell you a story that happened to us a few years ago...

When Toffee’s mom was still at school, she designed a low-cost incubator as part of a science project. Mom managed to procure some fertilized eggs for her and then threw herself into helping her daughter with the project. She seemed really crazy at the time and would get up every 2 hours at night “to turn the eggs”.

Unfortunately us dogs were also woken up – afterall we help Mom with everything in this house! At the time we thought that Mom might be sick (or crazy!), but we later found out that humans have some weird traits.

Well the first batch of eggs didn’t hatch, nor did the second, but on the third attempt, us dogs knew there was something different brewing. Twenty one days later, we heard chirping from the incubator and we just knew that we were about to share our household again....sigh!

Those creatures that emerged from that incubator were really strange! They were full of feathers and squawked really strange sounds.But we accepted them into our household.

Tammy and I would simply sit there and let our feathered friends walk all over us. (Can you imagine that!) At times, when mom took us all into the garden – to dig for earthworms – we’d help her. We always tried to help. In fact, we helped too much – by cleaning up after the chickens as well! Eventually the chicken’s poo started to make us sick, so Mom realised that she needed to make other plans.

So the day came when we all said our goodbyes to our new chicken friends and they were sent off to a more appropriate farmyard – to live out their lives in chicken bliss!

Thankfully our household was back to normal again. I must admit however that... I think I like chickens!

But can you imagine that – sharing your home with chickens? Are my humans crazy? Please tell me?

1 comment:

Hoover said...

I hate to tell you but ALL humans are weird. There is a special breed of humans who have a soft spot for animals.

My human just hatched guinea hens and pheasants in the basement.

Here's my human's blog if ya wanna see how wacky they are.