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Friday, June 26, 2009


Dear Friends...

Mom and I have been reading all your blogs and we realise that there are many doggie-Moms out there who have lost their faithful companions. We would like to say that our hearts are with you all. Many of you we haven't met personally, but we never-the-less share your loss.

By way of a tribute to these special dogs and their owners, Mom has asked me to post a poem which she wrote some time ago. This poem was inspired by a visit she went on, as part of a dog therapy unit to some human stroke victims. She feels that all dogs have a therapy role with their owners and would like to dedicate this poem, today, to all those Dog owners who are in sorrow.

With love
Max (and Mom)

(In honour of the therapy dog)

The wrath of the stroke was swift and sure,
It’s wand of tragedy –oh so pure:
Dealt me quivering lips and senseless sound,
A “lost cause” to those around.

I cannot speak, I can only hear.
My eyes stay shut; ‘twas my greatest fear –
To be trapped someplace between life and “late”
And timelessly consider this endless fate.

Only my breathing comforts me morn’ to night,
Endessly waiting, listening, in fright.
The world’s so indifferent, with senseless deams,
There’s no one out there, for me, it seems!

But an Angel of mercy descended this way
And offered her companion to reach me, today.
My hands are a tremble – The dog has to hear!
My need is so great, I cry out in fear!

But the warmth of this companion as he lies at my feet,
Is a small reprieve, which I struggle to greet.
In overwhelming effort, I stretch out my toe;
To experience this creature, down below.

The effort is immense; I sit back and rest,
But he gets up, sits quietly - does his best.
His fur – so soft, his breath – so warm!
He licks me with empathy, his manner – calm.

His message is clear (although he can’t talk):
“Patience,love and a long, narrow walk.
Faithfulness to a Master, who will comfort and care,
A lifelong companionship – so simple, so rare.”

Some light in me begins to shine;
It’s the hope of understanding and a God Divine!
Dog’s peace and patience are His gift to me.
I am not alone – he’s set me free!

Caryl Moll 15.03.2002


YD, sometimes with Samantha & June said...

Max and Max Mom,

That's a beautiful poem. It's very touching. Thank you for sharing with us.

Sam & June and Mom

Sue said...

What a fantatic poem! Would you mind if I shared it with some of my dog therapy friends?

Bell and Kimberly said...

that's furry nice..

Bell girl

Lorenza said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem.
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Hamish Westie said...

What a lovely poem. We dogs can do so much to bring a little joy to the human folk when they are troubled. (So its only fair that we are showered with treats and cuddles and taken on nice walks in return!)
Cheers, H.