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Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Yep, I will disturb my slumber to speak to all you special doggies and tell you about the most horrible dream I had! My paws were running out my dream as I tried to get away.
Yep, I will admit, I was in Mom's bed in zizzz world. Yes, when it's cold like this (here in SA), all we do is sleep it away....zzz...zzz.

But, as you pooches know, sleep has its hazzards...yes, we DREAM! This time, it was a really scary dream of THINGS THAT BO "BARK" IN THE DARK....

let me tell you about it...

Here in the African Bush we have many, many strange creatures. Some look cute, but are really very dangerous. Well my dream was of that big one who lives in water during the day, but at night, comes out onto land to mark his territory. That's when he's at his scariest. You don't want to meet him on one of your walks!


The "Hippo", as he's commonly called is the third largest living land mammal - only the elephant and the white rhino beat him. His skin alone can weigh half a ton! These strange creatures are largely aquatic and 'walk' along the bottom of the river bed. They need to stay in water because they have such sensitive skin. Just like Golden Retrievers, they have webbed feet which help them swim. Adult hippos can stay under the water for up to 6 minutes...WOW! Imagine holding your breath that long!

The male Hippos are really dominant and aggressive. They have big crunching teeth and can easily snap a small boat in half. They are fiercely protective of their 'pod' - a collection of female hippo's and get into really big fights with other male hippos. At night you can hear their grunting - or Barking!

Well, that was what my dream was about. I dreamt I was swimming in this wonderful open pond and I didn't realise that there was a big HIPPOPOTAMUS waiting for me. Well guys, he chased me and barked at me to leave his pond. I was swimming as fast as I could to get away from him.

Thankfully Mom came to wake me to give me my food.
Have a Barkful day and be careful of
Luv mmmMAXxxxx


Charlie said...

That's one scary dream, Msx!
- Charlie

YD said...

That was quite a scary dream, no wonder you barked in your sleep.

Sam & June

Max Dog said...

Hi Max! It's Max the superior German Shepherd Dog from Scotland here! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

I am glad we don't have such scary animals as hippopotamus's here. The most exciting non-canine animals I meet on my walks are cows, sheep, horses, deer and rabbits! Mind you, I have had some awful nightmares about scarey cows chasing me across the field!

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Wow! We have dreams a lot, but none as scary as yours, Max! Thank goodness you have your mommee to keep you safe!

Gus and Waldo

Scout and Freyja said...

WOW! We don't have those kinds of animals over where we live! It's a good thing that it was all a dream! Or...was it☺

Farley said...

Hi Max - This is our first time to your blog and I love your face :o) Your jowls are the best!

Helios said...

Wow Max, you sure have a lot of scary things running around your backyard! I think I'll have heart attacks everyday if I stayed at your house.

PS: I woofed once in my dream too, but I think it was a burgler in my dream coz I went to the door.

Stella said...

Max, I think you need to talk your Mom and Dad into moving to the USA! Its gotta be safer here!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Max!
Sure it was a scary dream!
I like hippos but only in the cartoons!
Kisses and hugs

Hamish Westie said...

Hmmm, I am beginning to think that I am quite lucky in that my dreams don't involve anything scarier than a rabbit.
But poor old Hippos, having sensitive skin, that's one problem I can relate too. Do you think they would feel better about the world if someone gave them a good wash with a medicated shampoo??
Cheers, H.

Thor said...

How scary Max! Glad that just a dream!
I wouldn´t like to meet him in my walks!

Thor xxx