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After a number of years of wonderful blogging, this blog has effectively become dormant - except for occasional updates regarding my book, MAXDOG. I have left this blog as a legacy to my dog and a place of sanctuary where we can reflect upon his life. Take your time, peruse the pages spanning Max's 18 months in cyberspace. Feel refreshed and uplifted because his story is an amazing one of..."LIVING LIFE TO THE MAX!"
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Friday, January 30, 2009


Its been pouring with rain here in Johannesburg. In this weather, the only thing for dogs to do is to sleep...and sleep...and sleep! I don't mind - so long as mom is around.

But sleeping on my side highlights the fact that my paws need a trim. Check out all the fur between the pads. But I hope that mom doesn't notice....its sooooooo ticklish when she snips away under my feet.

Must go back to sleep now.....Have a zzzzzzzzzzzz day!

Luv Max"

Thursday, January 29, 2009


....Max loves to lick the dishes....or chew the edges.
"Have you ever considered what your dog must think of you?
I mean, you come home from the grocery store with the most amazing stuff, pork, chicken, half a cow. They must think you're the greatest hunter on earth! "
- Anne Tyler

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


"Toffee... just try and touch my toys!!... Just try!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog thinks I am."

- Unknown

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hey Guys, me again...

Check this out...Tammy took it upon herself to beg for the pack today. We got crumpets as a reward. That's MY Tam'.

Luv Max



Look guys, I am a working dog!....

Mom lets me collect the washing and take it to the scullery. The reward is a BISCUIT, or occasionally a muffin or a crumpet.
Thought I'd share that with you.
Luv Max

Friday, January 23, 2009

"If a dog's prayers were answered,
bones would rain from the sky."

--Old Proverb

Bones?....Did you say bones?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009



Gee, the household is quiet....!!!

Ma's foot seems to be very sore. She couldn't walk yesterday. She came home hobbling after her run the other day and I heard her say that the doctor says its 'Plantar Faciitis' and a 'heel spur'.

It all sounds very odd to me, because she is usually so energetic. Since Ma's foot is sore, our walks have been limited. All we do is sleep, sleep.....and sleep! The boss sometimes takes us for short walks around the cul-de-sac when he gets home. Thanks for that, because at least we can go and check out the cats!!

But there is no real news in the household, except sleep, sleep...and more sleep.

The Queen has gone to study at the university of Pretoria and King Toffee is pining away. He wakes Ma up at all hours crying and then darting up and down the passage. I think he's trying to take over. I'll keep an eye on him, but will tolerate him for the moment.

Ma is getting up at strange hours in the night, cooking up a storm. Perhaps she thinks the Queen is coming home soon, but I've heard that it will be a few weeks before she visits. Shame....poor, poor Toffee!!! (he, he)

Take care all you dog lovers. Will talk some time this week.


Thursday, January 15, 2009


As I start off this year, I would like to pay tribute to my beautiful dog, my companion, my MAX!

Dear Max,

You’ll be 9 years old in March – edging towards ‘retirement’. If you were human, it would mean that you are 63 years old – a wise old man!

The years have flown too fast, my dear dog! Your faithfulness has been unwavering as you have guarded me and remained at my side ... every possible moment.

You have seen me through about 100 000 choc-chip cookies, a multitude of gingerbread houses, suppers and various baking feats.

You’ve been with me through 3 years of correspondence study, snoozing in the corner and perhaps hoping for your singular walk at the day’s end.

You have supported me through years of horrible, debilitating depression, sneaking your nose into my hand to arouse me and learning to say ‘Mooom’ so that I’d not disappear into emotional obscurity.

You’ve listened to me practice my piano for hours – seemingly enjoying the music I play.
And when I have been tearful, you have allowed me to embrace you; petting your soft fur and taking my tears.

At happy times, you have shared the pool with me; pulling me across the water, while I gripped the loose skin on your shoulders.

We’ve been through dog training and dog shows together and weathered the adrenalin of dogs attacking us. We've shared the joy of showing off your amazing tricks to any willing party.

You give new meaning, my dog, to words like ‘biscuits’, ‘walk’, ‘food’ and ‘cats!’.

You know my body language – when I need to be close to me or when I need you to settle down.

You manage your pack so well with a temperate, firm but gentle spirit. Thank you for what you continuously teach me.

The years have truly flown too fast and you have grown from that gorgeous, playful pup to a magnificent, obedient and beautiful dog. (Fully decorated with the mos gorgeous, brown eyes!) My life has been so much richer with you by my side.

So, my pooch, as we venture into this year together, I want to thank you for what you do for me!

Thank you for your devotion and for just being ...
With love from Mom

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hey Guys.

The folks are back...Yippeee....we went for a walk last night with them.

The babysitter was great whilst th folks were away. We got to stay in the house, got regular brushes and some biscuits on the sideline.

THankfully there were no fireworks on New Year's eve. They were replaced by a massive storm over Jo'burg. We were all tucked up nicely in the kitchen.
Im happy to have Ma back!