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Dear Readers and faithful friends,

After a number of years of wonderful blogging, this blog has effectively become dormant - except for occasional updates regarding my book, MAXDOG. I have left this blog as a legacy to my dog and a place of sanctuary where we can reflect upon his life. Take your time, peruse the pages spanning Max's 18 months in cyberspace. Feel refreshed and uplifted because his story is an amazing one of..."LIVING LIFE TO THE MAX!"
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Sunday, December 11, 2011



MAXDOG has been published in South Africa!!!

Author: Caryl Moll
 Published by: Porcupine Press
ISBN 978-0-9869979-4-5

Autographed copies can be ordered directly from me:
Available through all major bookstores as well as online.
Price: R160

MAXDOG is the story of a Golden Retriever who becomes a rock of emotional support for his owner after she faces a series of devastating life events that plunge her into deep depression. Years later, the tables are turned and roles are reversed when Max is diagnosed with a cancer that will soon take his life.

In her journey to personal healing, Max's owner rediscovers her love of writing and begins an inspirational internet blog sharing Max's final months with her readers. MAXDOG of South Africa, the blog, captures a world-wide audience, giving Max's owner new purpose and direction in her life.

MAXDOG is filled with laughter, tears and bittersweet moments that will pull the reader into its pages. This heart-warming tale is testimony to the enduring power of the human spirit, and the unconditional love shared between a Golden Retriever and its owner.

For more information about the book, please click:

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Sunday, July 24, 2011



By Caryl Moll

  I stood at the edge of the cliff-face that day and looked across the vast landscape of the South African Lowveld. In the distance, the open plains of the Kruger National Park stretched out into oblivion. This was my home, I thought – the place where my heart was always rejuvenated. I sighed in awe.
How wonderful it was to finally be there – at God’s window. The name had never been lost on me. I could almost touch the heavens.  In the blessed moment, I felt encouraged to ponder the road ahead. Like the distant plains, the voice of my solitary journey beckoned.

“Write! Write! Write! There’s a story to be told. Tell it well!  Make it happen!  Don’t, even for one second, doubt that it is your destiny.  MAXDOG will not die.”

As I stood at the edge of the cliff, I felt his presence – that gentle golden spirit which, in the past weeks, had continued to reach down and comfort me. He too was affirming my resolve.

“Our journey was unique, Maxmom,” he seemed to say. “One of a kind. Yet, in it, our story echoes those of others who do not speak. My bond with you is shared by many dogs before me. Their owners ache to know that their own journeys, with their beloved companions,are affirmed. Be strong, Maxmom! I am with you.”

Eventually I hiked back down the forest paths to the valley below.  I knew that there was no longer time to waiver.  I had to write MAXDOG’s book – the story of the small puppy, whose presence I’d resisted for so long.  He was a dog who would eventually transform my life and, yes, he’d remain with me forever.

And so the journey began.


“As I look to the sunrise,
I now know,
That you are there…
In its glorious glow.”

Friday, July 15, 2011


MAXMOM here...

('Maxdog' by Kathleen Coy)

Hello there to all my friends around the world, Maxdog's friends, readers and supporters of this blog.

I began writing Max's book in February 2010. It was around the time of the diagnosis of his liver tumour - and during his last 107 'Days of Grace'. I can say, with all honesty, that I was emotionally compelled to write his story.  I have been focussed on this task, since then, with unwavering determination. It has been a difficult and painful journey, but certainly a worthwhile one. Maxdog continues to impact on my life - even from beyond the grave.
I remember one particular day - sometime in March 2010.  Max was lying at my feet.  I knew he was dying but he'd already exceeded the two week life expectancy which had been given to him.
As I looked down at this beautiful dog, an overwhelming feeling of love engulfed me.  There was no way I could allow him to die and for his story fade into obscurity.  Max had done some amazing things in his life - not least of which was his assistance in my recovery from deep depression.  He had also touched hearts world-wide. 
I simply had to write his story!
So I got up from my seat and went to my kitchen.  In a corner of my grocery cupboard, I retrieved a candle.  I lit it and placed it on the coffee table in our lounge. 
It was a somewhat poignant moment as I made a promise - to Max and myself - that the light of the candle would not go out, until I'd finished writing the book. 
Well, it took many candles!
In September 2010, 4 months after Max's death, I completed the first draft of MAXDOG.
Writing this book has been an amazing journey.  Not only has it provided catharcism for both me and my family, but it has allowed us to reach closure on a very difficult part of our lives.
With my family's permission, I share my very personal account of my life with MAXDOG in this book.  A short life - only 10 years.

  I believe that MAXDOG does honest and true justice to my beloved Max.  It also gives credit to my family and my amazing blogging friends around the world who have supported me along this journey.v I have been blessed so many times, with the uncanny moments, when exactly the right people have been put into my path.  I have no doubt that these people have arrived, by the hand of God, to assist me in what has been at times a very difficult journey.

A basic Internet search will reveal that there are many routes to publishing, which include either mainstream publishing or Self-publishing. I have looked into both at length and have chosen to self-publish.
My sincere hope in this venture has been two-fold:
* I wish to give voice to the powerful bonds which develop between companion animals and their owners
* By telling my personal story, I hope to assist in eradicating the dangerous taboo's, judgement, preconceived ideas and social isolation, which is directed at people who suffer from depression and anxiety.  We need to speak about these conditions - openly and honestly - and share our journeys with the world.  Only in this way, will we course a path to averting the social stigma attached to anxiety and depression. It is a human condition which affects most people at least once in their lives! 
Finally, let me say that every word, every sentence, every paragraph, every chapter and indeed the entire book, is backed by my personal prayer:

"Wherever Maxdog's story goes, let it do good!"

   I invite you to visit us on MAXDOG's
and track this journey.

Thank you to all my friends for supporting, following and encouraging me:
- through your emails, on my new blog, on Facebook and in private messages and converations. I feel extremely privileged to have met so many incredible people.
Enjoy my book!

Sending lotsaluv to you all


Monday, March 14, 2011


Dear Max, my beautiful boy!

It was your birthday on Saturday:
12 March 2011.
You would have been 11 years old.

I will always remember you, Max -
- the incredible dog, who touched my life so deeply!

From the day you arrived, through your years as a growing pup.

In everything you did, I could only feel pride:
Your training, your activities, your shows...

Your special outings...

The way you tempered me by posing for blogposts,

Your fun and exuberance when I asked you to retrieve...

Your adoring expressions...

Your incredible tricks...

Your patience when we made fun of you...

The special moments we shared...

You were truly an amazing dog!
Especially in the way you fought your illness!

And the way you taught us to


Thank you, my dog, for granting me the privilege of witnessing your life.

Never forgotten, Always remembered!

With lotsaluv from your