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Friday, March 15, 2013


Thinking of you still brings tears to my eyes...
But also joy to my heart!

It's been three years now and your legacy lives on - in many ways.
You may be running free in the happy pastures across the Rainbow bridge, but your Spirit lives on here with us too.  
Your voice is heard in your brothers and sisters who have come after you; 
 Toby, your 'Sprinkling' 
little Lexi, our 'little Sunbeam'.
Tammy, too, although ageing, still sits in your spot in the garden.
And me?  I hold you closely in my heart...
You taught me so much, my boy...
about your breed and dogs, in general.  
You taught me about love, compassion, patience, perseverance, hope, tenacity, loyalty, generosity, delight, joy, love...
the list goes on and on...

I tried to bring you tribute with your book, my Angel.  
I wanted it to 'Do good!' - like you did - and 'touch hearts' - like you did. 
 I think it has...I hope it has...

My boy...
Today, as I try and choose a photo for you, I think of you 'amidst everything in life'.
This special photo of you with the toys, I think, does justice:
You may be one amongst many memories, but wow, you are special!
...and always will be!

I love you, my boy...
Run free until we meet again...
Your loving,

Friday, January 11, 2013

A TRIBUTE TO ZENA BUTLER (Maxdog's breeder) - in loving memory and gratitude for everything that she did for my Goldens ...

In loving memory of

Zena Butler
20/12/1946 - 10/1/2013

No tribute is great enough for Max and Toby’s ‘Granny’ on this sad day…
My tears fall...

...but in the midst of my grief, a new light shines...
 encasing memories - each one precious:

Zena's forceful spirit determinedly lived life to the full;
Her charitableness, time and compassion was always available for anyone in need;
Her wisdom ; her talent; her advice… readily on call.

Zena's specific love for the Goldens of our planet had no boundaries
...and her dogs shone because of it.
Her joyous laughter at the end of that telephone line...
...muffled by the barking of Goldens in the background,
was music to anyone's ears.
Zena always had time for me, and I was grateful.

Her unmitigated pride when I told her about the antics of Max and Toby;
coupled with her invaluable presence throughout my Goldens' lives.
Zena's empathy and comfort at the time of my own grief - particularly Maxdog’s crossing - touched me deeply;
"Granny Zena" was committed to being present for all our important occasions;

…and much, much more!

Gone now – 
the world, and its 'dog world' is a poorer place with her departure
… but my fondness and my memories will live on… 
I loved you, Zena!

Rest-in-peace, ‘Granny Zena’.  
May the arms of God embrace and welcome you – with the chorus of all the Golden angels who have preceded you. 
We loved you. 
We’ll miss you dearly.


My sincere condolences go to the family of Zena:
particularly Alan, Mark, Donovan, Brenda, Shirley, Eileen, Sue, Steve and her many relatives and friends (both overseas and in South Africa).  
Zena was truly an amazing lady!
May you be comforted by the love of your friends at this very difficult time.

With love