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After a number of years of wonderful blogging, this blog has effectively become dormant - except for occasional updates regarding my book, MAXDOG. I have left this blog as a legacy to my dog and a place of sanctuary where we can reflect upon his life. Take your time, peruse the pages spanning Max's 18 months in cyberspace. Feel refreshed and uplifted because his story is an amazing one of..."LIVING LIFE TO THE MAX!"
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It's time to patrol the garden... 

Garden report....All's good!
Now it's time to check out our blogging furfriends...

Specifically...Check out the ROCKY STREET PUPPIES' VIDEO..!!!.

Wow, did they get us going!!!
Not only were we staring at their video on the computer screen, but we searched every corner of the house !!!
Those little yappers...we'll find them yet!

( If you haven't seen their really cute video, click HERE!)

 was really pumped with adrenalin...he got himself on the table and right next to the computer screen!!

After all that excitement, it's time for a snooze...

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!!!
 ...on this,
53rd day of Grace!

Lotsaluv and Lotsalicks

Monday, March 29, 2010


MAXMOM and MAX here...
Dearest, dearest special Fur- Friends!!!

I am TOTALLY overwhelmed this evening!

It's late at night here in JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, but I cannot go to sleep yet...
I just have to say THANK YOU!!!

This evening I received the most incredible gift I have ever received in my life!!! When my husband got home from work, he handed me a large Fed-Ex package.
When I saw Kathleen Coy’s name on the package, I must admit that my heart skipped a couple of beats!

In the past 18months of blogging I have come to admire Kathleen’s work – especially her amazing picture of Cloud her wonderdog. She has a unique ability of capturing the real soul of animals in her paintings.
In fact, I had said to my husband a couple of months ago that if he ever wanted to REALLY treat me, it would be with a painted portrait of my special MAXDOG! But this portrait couldn't be painted by anyone else except a special artist who I think the world of. If he had any such notion then he would have to to contact Kathleen Coy because that would be my ultimate gift!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that such a gift would actually come my way.

I have no words to express my deepest, most sincere thanks to all my cyber-buddies involved in the undercover "MAX PROJECT" for this incredible gift!!! I know that there have been a number of people involved in this project and my special thanks goes to each and every one of you!!!

I am deeply touched and humbled by your gesture!!!

There are no words that would adequately express my thanks and appreciation!

Please allow me to take a moment to tell you a little story...

Many of you will recall that my mother passed away in November last year.

When she was alive, she lived in a little retirement village not far from me. One day I had an idea and approached the Matron of the village. After discussion I received permission to put up a notice board in my mom’s little village.

My idea at that stage was to extend Max's 'blog' to this noticeboard so that the old folks could also read about his life and come to know what ‘blogs’ were about. Many of the villagers had previously kept pets during their lives but unfortunately couldn’t bring them with when they moved into the village. My hope was that Max's “notice board blog” would somehow touch them in a small way - like their pets did and bring them some joy in their golden years!

Well, this particular photograph (which Kathleen has used for the painting) has special meaning to me! I called it
“Max conveying his love”.

When I first put it up on the Village’s notice board, I also asked them (like in the blogpost) to
 "Look deep into his eyes to experience and to understand how much he loves you!" .

This photograph did indeed hit the hearts of some of the villagers who also fell in love with MAXDOG.

In my opinion, this particular photo tells it all...about my dog's amazing ability to touch me to the core of my soul. I had hoped that it would touch and uplift others too and obviously it has.

My mother too...couldn't stop talking about this photograph...so it has extra special meaning for me.

But now, through your gift and Kathleen’s talent this photograph has been BROUGHT TO LIFE!

She is so incredibly talented and has captured MAXDOG’s eyes absolutely!!!
If I look at his eyes in the painting - they are totally real - telling me how much he loves me!!!
It means that his image (which you have contributed to capturing) will stay with me forever!!!

As you know, I take many photos of MAXDOG! I have endeavoured to capture his life-like expressions. Despite my attempts, I have always felt that the photos don't tell the full story. The painting however is different.

...it is ALIVE !!!

I don't know how to thank all my cyber-friends for this incredible gift!

The only way I know is to simply write from my heart.

I have never been in this unique situation where I am unable to reach out and give a vitally important HUG to some really special people! Ironically at this moment, where I want to really give everyone a HUG, I can't!

Please consider yourselves hugged...and hugged!...and hugged!...and hugged!

I am so, so grateful!!!
Thank you so, so much! It is the greatest gift I have ever received!

With lots of love
Here are some of the photos...

The beautiful card, designed by Ami and Simona...
The arrival of the parcel...
Taking it all in...
...and lastly...a VERY special
from MAXDOG too!!!
With deepest and utmost appreciation...!
Caryl the MAXMOM
Paco Milo Maya           http://pacoemilo.blogspot.com/
Tommy and The Khats     http://thepoupounette.blogspot.com/
Valerie Boo Bears         http://mybubear.blogspot.com/
Maggie and Mitch     http://northfordmaggie.blogspot.com/
Wilf and Digby    http://wilfanddigby.blogspot.com/
Kathleen Coy and Cloud the Wonderdog     http://cloudthewonderdog.blogspot.com/
Lotsaluv and lotsalicks


MAXDOG here...

Hello there everyone!
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
I am still up and running on this my...

51st DAY OF GRACE!!!

There hasn't been much change in me...
I remain comfortable, painfree, asking for my walks, sleeping a lot and following Mom around the house. 
Although I'm not really keen on eating my food, Mom says I'm still getting in more than enough nutrients to live a comfortable life. The Vet has given me some appetite stimulants and although I don't like eating in the morning, I don't mind a good meal at night.  So for the moment, I am really thankful to have the time to spend with my family and you all!


We all had a busy weekend. The girls were home and there were lots of things for the peeps to catch up on.  Although I spent most of my weekend around Mom's feet, I did go outside to watch the build up of the 'thunderheads'.  Today soft, falling rain has settled in and it's a cool day.
 I am sure that I'll be indoors most of the day.

Anyway, on Friday evening the peeps left us doggies here at home and travelled across the city to a place called:

It was a long drive in heavy traffic but they had booked tickets for something very special...

Although this place is predominantly a Casino and Entertainment centre, it was host to the evenings special entertainment...

Yes! The family had booked tickets and had gone to see


Mom says that the acts were unbelievable, death defying and spectacular!!!
 She spent most of the evening with her jaw on the floor in disbelief!

Carnival City is entertaining in itself. The architecture and decor is all 'Carnival'. The place was buzzing with crowds and noise (Mom has difficulty with this!). Although the 'peeps' aren't gamblers, it was interesting to observe all the activity...

The show itself was really extraordinary and worthwhile and the 'peeps' got home very late indeed!.

Mom hasn't been feeling very well throughout the entire weekend so the sweet "Boss" bought her a beautiful bouqhet of flowers...


Yesterday afternoon she felt a bit better however and some of my family popped by our local gym.  I thought I'd show you a few pictures because I know that my friends across the seas like to see interesting things about our local environment. Here are some of our 'gym' photos...

(Mom thinks that the name of this gyme is an oxymoron!..BOL!)

This is what it looks like inside...

There is a small juice bar...

...plenty of equipment, two studios, squash courts, physiotherapist, beauty salon, sun beds and a large swimming pool.  Many of our South African swimmers train here too...

The gym also caters for disabled people with wheelchair lifts between their different levels. If you look at the next picture you will see the 'lift' at the bottom left of the picture
(The picture is taken from the top of the stairs)...

...and added bonus of this gym is that Mr "R" works here too as one of the part time trainers...

Unfortunately however, dogs aren't welcome...(sob!)
...but TAMMY and I enjoy lying outside watching the thunderclouds instead...

Here's wishing you all a wonderful and happy week!

To my friends out there who are perhaps struggling with their health or personal circumstances...

We send a special cyber-hug!
To the doggies who are ill...

We send lots of prayers and warm, get-well wishes!

We love you all so much!!!

Lots of licks

Friday, March 26, 2010

MAXMOM here...

Hello there to all my friends across the globe!!

When I wake up in the morning, one of the first things I usually see is
occupying his throne!

"Good morning your Highness!"

Now what does the day have to offer?...

When I open up my curtain I am never sure what day awaits me. Nowadays a pretty Dahlia is the first to say "hello" since it has grown as high as my window sill!

There is a lot to be thankful for and I would like to start off this blogpost by saying a belated, but sincere THANK YOU to some of my blogging buddies who have bestowed awards on me...

We received this  "I LOVE YOU" award sometime ago from Jacqueline at:

Thank you so much, Jacqueline!

The rules for the "I LOVE YOU" award are simple: Mention who gave you the award, leave a comment on the winner's blog and SPREAD THE LOVE!!

We also received this"GOLDEN CUP" award from PIBBLE...

Thank you, PIBBLE!!!


and our special "TESSA"  bestowed this special, personalised award on us...

Thank you so much sweet friends for this!!!


I also owe a very belated THANK YOU to  COCO and TIFFANE:...


Whilst I really appreciate being given these awards, I feel reluctant to mention specific bloggers to whom I would like to pass them on.  You see,
ALL my friends
 are extremely important to me and I hesitate to single them out, so please could I ask that if you haven't received these awards, please feel free to take them with the love from where they originate!


Now for today's news...

KINGTOFFEE has improved dramatically over the past few days!
He's back to his old self in his attempts to rule the roost. I had to get him back to the Vet this morning to attend to his bandage and check his foot.
As usual, he enjoyed the car ride...

 has been pronounced well and fit but still has to wear his bandage for another few days.

However when we got the the Vet, we were greeted by a very sleepy feline...

But there is another kitty (resident at our Vet's clinic) who has edged it's way into a far MORE superior position than KING TOFFEE ever will be. This ginger kitty goes by the name of MONTY and is always on the prowl. He has appointed himself responsible for checking out all the patients. MONTY is a VERY FAT kitty indeed and a formidable entity!

Well we all steered clear of the clearly grumpy "MONTY"!!!.
 He was really in a miserable mood, vocalising loudly and eventually attacked the other kitty in the old man's lap!!!


 Despite me being very amused with the cat-fight, I did feel rather sorry for the old man in the chair who was caught amidst all the commotion.
 He eventually emerged -alive - with a number of tender (and bleeding) scratches. Poor man!

(Toffee- a now loyal and shivering royal subject - had been at the end of his lead, half way to the exit during this kitty rumble!)

After the feline disagreement was settled, MONTY strutted around the corridors, no worse for wear, but clearly miffed...!

Back at home however the incident has been forgotten and
has been reinstated to his full glory.


MAXDOG is doing okay...
...and has taken to lying around in precarious positions...

...but he also takes time out to smell the plants...

Mostly though, he follows me around and lies at my feet...

He soldiers on...
...painfree and reasonably happy...
...enjoying his walks...
...and very picky about his food! 
His "liver mass" is palpable and quite hard to the touch. 
MAXDOG is generally not so well during the morning and refuses all food.
He does however improve by mid afternoon and I suspect he's battling with nausea.
 The Vet has given him some further medication to stimulate his appetite and assist with the nausea...but this is his...


...and we are thankful!

Lastly a picture of our beautiful "Cosmos" flowers lining our roads at the moment...

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful and happy weekend!!!

It's going to be a busy one for us here, so I am not sure if I will get to post this weekend.

 If not...
I'll see you all on Monday!

With lotsaluv