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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MAXDOG now available as 'Print-on-demand'


It is an absolute honour and privilege to finally announce to you that my book,


is now available online to my International readers at a much more affordable price!
After months of hard work, we have finally organised the 'Print-on-Demand' option for this book . 
To purchase the book on :


As you are probably aware, international postage charges from South Africa are extremely expensive.  This has resulted in some readers not being able to purchase their copy of MAXDOG.  I have been extremely aware of this fact and also deeply saddened at the same time because MAXDOG was originally written for my international friends.  Indeed the book itself is dedicated to my blogging friends who make up "The Power of the paw".

 From my point-of-view, this has been unacceptable so, in the past 6 months, I have made every effort to secure a more affordable purchasing option for my international friends.

  Thanks to the excellent (and dedicated work) of a blogging friend, we have been able to convert MAXDOG into a quality "Print-on-demand' version through Createspace. The version I have chosen is marginally bigger than its South African counterpart and also glossy in finish.  This particular edition is also available on Amazon.com.

(as opposed to the $39 for the original edition posted internationally from South Africa)
So, if you are an International reader,
You can order your copy NOW - at US $20 - 

click HERE to order

 In order to reduce costs (and therefore the end-price of the book), I have opted to convert the picture insert - in the middle of the book - into black and white (instead of full colour as in SA edition).  A full colour book in 'Print-on-demand' would just be too expensive and would defeat the objective of 'a more affordable option'.  The result however, is still high quality and beautiful:

All-in-all, however, the quality of the book is excellent!!! 
In no way does it distract from the entire 'Maxdog reading experience'.  If anything, it is a better quality book. Rest assured, this particular version is beautiful and I am extremely proud of it!

If you would like to order a copy of MAXDOG 'Print-on-demand' through 
Createspace (at $20) please click HERE 
Amazon.com (at $20) click HERE
The original (full colour insert) edition of MAXDOG can still be purchased directly from me - if you still prefer to do so.  I will post it to you with the greatest of pleasure! (and autograph it, if you like) Unfortunately I will have to add postage charges which will then escalate the total cost to the original cost of $39.
Please contact me on my email and I will send you the details of how to go about this process:


MAXDOG's eBOOK is available in PDF format directly from me.
We are currently looking into other options

South African readers,
 please click HERE for more information about the book

Sending lotsaluv