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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


excuse me, Mom....WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!



mmm....mmmm....OK, I GET THE IDEA!!!

Happy Sleeping!
Lotsaluv Maxdog

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hi all! Max's mom here...

It's our 100th post today, so please forgive me for being nostalgic.

I thought I'd share a little poem I wrote some time ago (when little Tammy pup was welcomed into our household). The poem attempts to share the essence of puppyhood. Hope you like it!


Make way, make way, it’s puppy play!
A paw, a bark, a growl and a huff...
Hindquarters turned: It’s about to get rough!
Tail up high, twinkle in the eye,
Darting, shaking and difficulty braking.
Legs stretched, jaw low,
Dark eyes in a feverish glow.
A ball, a claw, a little leaf,
Long ears, wet nose and prickle-sharp teeth.

Caryl Moll

Saturday, June 27, 2009



Hey Guys...

This is the sixth photo in my folder of photos...

We're just going along with the game doing its rounds in the blogging community...

This photo was taken in 2004 when Max took part in the 'Animal Carnival' at the Rand Easter Show in Johannesburg South Africa. We are not sure who the little girl was, but she was very taken with him. (and he with her!)

Friday, June 26, 2009


Dear Friends...

Mom and I have been reading all your blogs and we realise that there are many doggie-Moms out there who have lost their faithful companions. We would like to say that our hearts are with you all. Many of you we haven't met personally, but we never-the-less share your loss.

By way of a tribute to these special dogs and their owners, Mom has asked me to post a poem which she wrote some time ago. This poem was inspired by a visit she went on, as part of a dog therapy unit to some human stroke victims. She feels that all dogs have a therapy role with their owners and would like to dedicate this poem, today, to all those Dog owners who are in sorrow.

With love
Max (and Mom)

(In honour of the therapy dog)

The wrath of the stroke was swift and sure,
It’s wand of tragedy –oh so pure:
Dealt me quivering lips and senseless sound,
A “lost cause” to those around.

I cannot speak, I can only hear.
My eyes stay shut; ‘twas my greatest fear –
To be trapped someplace between life and “late”
And timelessly consider this endless fate.

Only my breathing comforts me morn’ to night,
Endessly waiting, listening, in fright.
The world’s so indifferent, with senseless deams,
There’s no one out there, for me, it seems!

But an Angel of mercy descended this way
And offered her companion to reach me, today.
My hands are a tremble – The dog has to hear!
My need is so great, I cry out in fear!

But the warmth of this companion as he lies at my feet,
Is a small reprieve, which I struggle to greet.
In overwhelming effort, I stretch out my toe;
To experience this creature, down below.

The effort is immense; I sit back and rest,
But he gets up, sits quietly - does his best.
His fur – so soft, his breath – so warm!
He licks me with empathy, his manner – calm.

His message is clear (although he can’t talk):
“Patience,love and a long, narrow walk.
Faithfulness to a Master, who will comfort and care,
A lifelong companionship – so simple, so rare.”

Some light in me begins to shine;
It’s the hope of understanding and a God Divine!
Dog’s peace and patience are His gift to me.
I am not alone – he’s set me free!

Caryl Moll 15.03.2002

Thursday, June 25, 2009



Hello everyone...
I live in a really crazy houshold! Let me tell you a story that happened to us a few years ago...

When Toffee’s mom was still at school, she designed a low-cost incubator as part of a science project. Mom managed to procure some fertilized eggs for her and then threw herself into helping her daughter with the project. She seemed really crazy at the time and would get up every 2 hours at night “to turn the eggs”.

Unfortunately us dogs were also woken up – afterall we help Mom with everything in this house! At the time we thought that Mom might be sick (or crazy!), but we later found out that humans have some weird traits.

Well the first batch of eggs didn’t hatch, nor did the second, but on the third attempt, us dogs knew there was something different brewing. Twenty one days later, we heard chirping from the incubator and we just knew that we were about to share our household again....sigh!

Those creatures that emerged from that incubator were really strange! They were full of feathers and squawked really strange sounds.But we accepted them into our household.

Tammy and I would simply sit there and let our feathered friends walk all over us. (Can you imagine that!) At times, when mom took us all into the garden – to dig for earthworms – we’d help her. We always tried to help. In fact, we helped too much – by cleaning up after the chickens as well! Eventually the chicken’s poo started to make us sick, so Mom realised that she needed to make other plans.

So the day came when we all said our goodbyes to our new chicken friends and they were sent off to a more appropriate farmyard – to live out their lives in chicken bliss!

Thankfully our household was back to normal again. I must admit however that... I think I like chickens!

But can you imagine that – sharing your home with chickens? Are my humans crazy? Please tell me?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Everyone has been asking if South Africa gets cold????

Well the answer is YES!

...but let me explain...

Southern Africa is known for its wonderful weather. We are a predominantly subtropical location with sunny skies for most of the year and temperatures which are moderate to hot.

Our country has a great range of climates depending where you live. Where I live – in Johannesburg, South Africa – we are known to have some of the most wonderful weather in the world, but we are on a plateau and so when the wind blows in from the high mountains of the Drakensberg and the Cape (which are sometimes covered in snow), we get the brunt of icy weather.

Our city, Johannesburg, lies at an altitude of 1694 metres. This keeps the average summer temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius. In winter, for the same reason, night-time temperatures can drop to freezing point, in some places lower. Yes, sometimes we do indeed get snow, but not like the snow storms which hit some of your places. Also, we don't get snow every year, but we DO GET THE COLD!

If you are interested in more information about our varying climate, you are welcome to visit:

Today it’s not as cold as I predicted previously. Our maximum temperature is expected to reach 15 degrees Celcius today and 10 on Friday, but with the wind, it is going to gets really icy and these humans here are really not organised for cold weather.

When it gets cold, I will merely snuggle up somewhere warm in the house. Im looking forward to summer however when we can swim in our swimming pool.

In the meantime, Mom's blanket is MINE!!!

Have a barkful day!
Love Maxdog

Monday, June 22, 2009



How are all my poochy friends???
Well, we are bracing ourselves for some cold weather here in Johannesburg, South Africa. The weatherman (whoever he is) says that we are going to have sub-zero temperatures in the next few days..........cooooool!

Well we don't mind that, we have many places to snuggle up in this house. I, doggernally love the kitchen floor.....it's heated!

Or, if we are with Mom and them in the other room, we can share their couch...can't we!?

So you see...methinks that cold weather is
In the meantime, if you don't hear from us, it's because Mom's fingers are frozen and tucked up in my fur.
Keep warm and loads of love

Sunday, June 21, 2009



Hey Guys.

Well thank dogness for that - the "Boss"s birthday is over! We had soooo many visitors and many of them were REALLY old people, so Mom decided to let us play outside. I really don't like that! Afterall, I'm a people dog and those old folks have nothing to worry about.

Anyway, I think the Boss felt guilty about us being outside, so this morning he took us on a long 5km walk whilst Mom was sleeping off her tiredness. Hey it was fun - we really slowed him down with reading all the neighbourhood news. But now Im tired and just sitting by the TV, but I love the boss! Maybe he'll take us on all his walks since now he's trying to get fit.

Anyway, I also just wanted to say that the picture below of the WARTHOGS was NOT taken at our house, but in one of the game reserves that Mom and the Boss visited a while ago. Those creatures indeed did try and go into the house there, but Mom and the Boss stopped them. Wild animals are quite unpredictable creatures at the best of times, but those WARTHOGS seemingly had been programmed (like us) to beg for food.

Anyway that's all for now.

Love ya all

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009



Hey Guys...It's the Boss's Birthday tomorrow and Mom is cooking up a storm in her kitchen.
What do you think of our poses - do you think they will work? Do you think Mom will share?
Luv mmmMAXxxxx


Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hey Guys, Max (the tour guide) here....
I was looking through some of Mom's photos again and came across this one.
What do you think...CUTE OR CUDDLY?

Well, let me tell you, they may look cute, but the BABOON should be respected! A baboon is a formidable animal. It has large canine teeth and has been known to challenge and chase off lions. It is, however, an extremely intelligent animal and very much part of our amazing heritage in this country.

In many of our parks, these creatures will come up to your car window to investigate. In certain of our parks in South Africa they have taken their chances and even reached into cars to grab items from inside the cars. This behaviour often results in them having to be shot to curb this trait. Sometimes they even get physically hurt by humans who try to stop this behaviour and then have to try and fend for themselves in a maimed condition.

This is an unfortunate problem and is often the result of human development encroaching on the baboon's environment. If you are interested in this creature, I encourage you to visit this website:

That's my speech for today. I love you all!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hello all my doggie friends!

Well, its a cool day here in Johannesburg, South Africa...and it's also a public holiday here. There is not much to do today - Mom is pottering in her kitchen - so I thought I'd take today to play the 'tour guide' again. I hope that's OK with you all.

Some time ago, Mom and the "Boss" went to Sabi Sabi Game reserve which borders the famous Kruger National Park. Unfortunately they didn't take us dogs because we are not allowed in the Nature Reserves, but I found two of Mom's pictures which tell it all.

As you know, some of us dogs love to chase kitties and it seems that this is the exact same thing in the wild.
The HYENAS follow the big cats around, hoping to take off the prey which they have caught. Those dogs, (the hyenas) are scavengers and are responsible for cleaning up the dead animals in the wild, but they are clever dogs (like us all) and know that they can get an easy meal by following the cats around.

Well, Mom and the "Boss" were on the back of a game drive vehicle watching as the game ranger tracked a LEOPARD for over an hour. They finally caught up with the LEOPARD in an open clearing, where the kitty was drinking much needed water (after her kill).

Mom took this photo from the open game drive vehicle at a distance of about 5m from the LEOPARD. Even if I say it myself (and I don't like kitties), this was an amazingly beautiful animal!

...and would you believe it, the HYENA was right behind her. But that dog (the hyena) is hugely irritating to the LEOPARD, so there were lots and lots of very angry snarls! Mom says that she was quite scared.

I think Mom should have taken me along to chase that angry leopard (or the hyena) away. What do you think? Mom says not.

Have a happy, barkful day!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Hey everyone. Granny (Mom's Mom) came to visit us yesterday for lunch. She often comes to visit on a Sunday. It's not easy for us when she is here, because we have to be really quiet and contained dogs. You see, Granny is very old - 88yrs- and she can hardly walk, so if we run around wildly then we could knock her over.

Well, yesterday Granny wanted to pat and cuddle me. As you know I love being patted. Then she wanted to give me a dog biscuit. I took it 'NICELY!' - just like Mom taught me

When all the cuddling was over, I settled down in my corner in the kitchen and snoozed the day away.

Later, when Mom and the "Boss" took granny home, Tammy and I jumped into the back of the car and went along too. We were delighted when, about 2kms from Granny's home, the "Boss" stopped the car and Mom got out with our leads.

Well, we were able to work off all our energy on that walk. Unfortunately Mom didn't take her camera along - she had two of us to control - so we don't have any photos of the walk. But we saw a snap shot of us (almost) - a guy walking TWO Irish Wolf Hounds. You should have seen those guys...EISH!...they are gianormous!!!

Take care and have a Barkful week

Saturday, June 13, 2009



Hey there, everybody - pooches and pooches mum's!

Many people have asked about the contents of the muffins which Mom let's me taste. Firstly they are HUMAN MUFFINS! So if any doggie or doggie mum is adverse to the idea that doggies must only eat doggie food, then do NOT eat these!
Nevertheless, many folk have asked for the recipe, so mom has put it up on her other blog

Mom really doesn't want to offend anyone and can categorically say that I have never come to any harm nor experienced any side effects from Mom's muffins. So ...Each dog to it's own.
Nevertheless, if anyone is offended, please accept our happy South African sunflower...WE LOVE YOU ALL!

luv mmmMAXxxx

Friday, June 12, 2009



("EISH", pronounced Aye-sh, is a colloquial South African Word which expresses AMAZEMENT!)

Hello my poochy-friends! Well its been a BARKFUL baking day and Mom made me "MUFFINS"! Yep, they're the best! The only problem is that she insists that I wait while she places them on my nose and then,when she gives the signal, I am supposed to flip them in the air and then catch them. I have perfected this trick, but am totally unable to control my slobber....they are just too delicious!

I'll do anything for MUFFINS!

lotsaluv mmmMUFFIN MAXxxxx

Thursday, June 11, 2009


mmmWOOF! WOOF!...and greetings!


Guys, you have got to help us...we really don't know what has got into Mom!!!....

On Monday these guys arrived at our house with their truck and their chainsaws. You should have heard the noise...it was earsplitting! They got out of their truck and spent the whole day here - pretty much demolishing our garden!

Well, Mom put on our collars so that we knew that we were under 'command', and you know what - She kept our collars on the whole day!!! Not only that, but they were here again on Wednesday and took two whole truckloads away of all the lovely foliage. Hey man, this is a nightmare!

But, as you know, we trust mom. Just look at us on the patio....WATCHING! Yes, not doing anything, just WATCHING - like Mom asked us to.

Mom has told us that we must be patient - she is planning for Spring. ??? What does she mean??? I want my garden back!

Please tell, me, what must Tammy and I do... they chopped down Tam's favourite tree!?
Luv mmmMAXxxx

Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Yep, I will disturb my slumber to speak to all you special doggies and tell you about the most horrible dream I had! My paws were running out my dream as I tried to get away.
Yep, I will admit, I was in Mom's bed in zizzz world. Yes, when it's cold like this (here in SA), all we do is sleep it away....zzz...zzz.

But, as you pooches know, sleep has its hazzards...yes, we DREAM! This time, it was a really scary dream of THINGS THAT BO "BARK" IN THE DARK....

let me tell you about it...

Here in the African Bush we have many, many strange creatures. Some look cute, but are really very dangerous. Well my dream was of that big one who lives in water during the day, but at night, comes out onto land to mark his territory. That's when he's at his scariest. You don't want to meet him on one of your walks!


The "Hippo", as he's commonly called is the third largest living land mammal - only the elephant and the white rhino beat him. His skin alone can weigh half a ton! These strange creatures are largely aquatic and 'walk' along the bottom of the river bed. They need to stay in water because they have such sensitive skin. Just like Golden Retrievers, they have webbed feet which help them swim. Adult hippos can stay under the water for up to 6 minutes...WOW! Imagine holding your breath that long!

The male Hippos are really dominant and aggressive. They have big crunching teeth and can easily snap a small boat in half. They are fiercely protective of their 'pod' - a collection of female hippo's and get into really big fights with other male hippos. At night you can hear their grunting - or Barking!

Well, that was what my dream was about. I dreamt I was swimming in this wonderful open pond and I didn't realise that there was a big HIPPOPOTAMUS waiting for me. Well guys, he chased me and barked at me to leave his pond. I was swimming as fast as I could to get away from him.

Thankfully Mom came to wake me to give me my food.
Have a Barkful day and be careful of
Luv mmmMAXxxxx

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



We are having one of those bitterly cold spells in Johannesburg today. Gee, it can get really icy here! We have been in the house all day with Mom doing jigs and drinking warm stuff to keep warm.

Since it is so cold here and since there is nothing much to report (except that Mom's ankles are becoming boring to look at), I thought I'd show you another African Dog....


This is another one of those wild animals that stays in the bush. But this one is not so dangerous - except for a kick or head butt. If you look carefully, you can see that there are no tufts of hair on this guy's horns. That means that he is a male - the males wear off all their hair on their horns during fights. (Thankfully we keep our hair - hopefully - during our fights!)

Anyway, this guy is really tall. If I were to stand next to him, his hocks would be just above my head...WOW! I just love his beautiful pattern on his skin. Can you imagine being a golden retriever with that same pattern?!

I want to ask a question:....
Why do you think that these guys move from tree to tree during grazing and don't simply stay at one tree and finish off that tree????


...the answer is that trees talk to each other when they are being eaten.
Yes, I'm not a crazy dog! They release 'TANNIN", a bitter stuff, in their leaves (the same as you get in tea). The tannin makes the leaves bitter and the giraffe then has to move on to another tree to get a better taste!

Another thing...did you know that the human being and the giraffe have the same number of neck bones?
Yes, they do!! (The human's bones are much smaller though). Hey, I'm happy I don't have such a long neck...Can you imagine having a pain in the neck?

Anyway, that's the African lesson for today. I must go and ask Mom for my food...I'm getting hungry too. Thankfully I don't eat bitter leaves.

Luv ya all!!!


This is just a big, big "THANK YOU!" to Stella for the award she gave me!...(in the side bar)
Im glad I made you smile, Stella.... You are such a beautiful doggie!

As with tradition, I'd love to pass this award on to some of the friends who always make us smile:
Have a Barkful day!
Luv mmmMAXxxx

Monday, June 8, 2009



...run for your lives!!!!!... bark! Bark! scamper!

Hey Guys. I thought I'd show you a very different breed of dog which we get here in South AFrica - it's called the

...and guys, be warned - don't take this fella on!!! He is huge and he can cause a lot of damage!

And NO, THAT'S NOT HIS TAIL!!! It's called a TRUNK! When he wags his trunk, it doesn't mean he's friendly!
Indeed, he uses his tail (I mean his trunk) to put things in his mouth which is just under his tail (I mean his TRUNK!)...oh but this creature is complicated!

Anyway Guys, did you know that this big dood listens not only with his ears, but also with his feet! Yes...he can hear things that humans can't hear, by picking up vibrations through the ground and through the air.

I must tell you, that whoever looks after this guy needs a HUGE POOP SCOOP!...but Africa always provides - and in this case, it's the Dung Beetles, who use the poop to make their nests - tiny balls which they push along the ground upside down. Hey man, its fascinating!

Anyway, this guy - the Elephant Dog - eats trees. He strips the bark and chews on it like we chew on bones. He also loves pushing the trees over to eat their roots. I think that's crazy...why doesn't he just mark them like us dogs!!!?

Well, you guys must come to visit and see some of these amazing ELEPHANT DOGS. They don't have leashes - nobody has thought to make any yet!

Take care and speak soon.
Luv mmmMAXxxx

Sunday, June 7, 2009



Hey Guys. Toffee's Mom took a video of him this weekend playing in Mom's kitchen. I had to give you an idea of what TOFFEE gets up to in this house. He was forcing one of the guests to run in circles around Mom's centre island in the kitchen. Silly little dog! Its a little 'silly' post, but we hope you Enjoy!

Luv mmmMAXxxx



Hi Pooches!
It was a lovely sunny day today, so Mom decided to bath us. I don't particularly like the actual bath, but the play time and brushing afterwards is cool!

This is me....looking miserable...

Is the bath done, Mom?

At last, I can climb onto the patio table and get a brush...and soak up the sun...

Then the fun starts because we get to play Tug...my favourite!

Then back onto the table for a final brush...


Hope you pooches are also ready for your week. I luv ya all!

Love mmmMAXxxxx

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hello everyone...we are having a real lazy weekend looking at all the pictures we want to share with you all. Today I thought I'd show you some of Mom's pictures of our South African mother city - CAPE TOWN.

This is a harbour picture of Table mountain covered in its famous 'Table Cloth'.

...and of course, Im sure you want to see some of the beautiful sunsets from the edge of Africa...

..this one was taken from the top of Table mountain..

Obviously us dogs didn't go there, but we would soooo love to. Imagine looking across the sea and knowing that all our doggie friends are there...indeed, I think Thor would be in the direction of these pictures, since South America is just across this lake.

Hope you liked them. Have a Barkful weekend.
Love mmmMAXxxx

Friday, June 5, 2009



Hi Everybody...Max here (as if you didn't know!)

I just wanted to wish you all a VERY HAPPY & BARKFUL weekend. Think of me Barking my good wishes to you all across the plains of Africa. I'm celebrating all the wonderful new doggie-bloggie friends across the world. I'll listen out for your barks too.

Luv mmmMAXxxx

ps This is a photo of the 'Springbok' Flats - beautiful African landscape - in the Northern part of our country. Doggie barks can carry for miles.... WOOF!