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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Us dogs have been so excited to tell you about our BIG WALK last Sunday. It has been enormously frustrating not having a computer at home, but mom has managed to get a laptop just for this post. Hold thumbs all our computer hassles will be sorted out soon. We really appreciate your understanding in these matters.

It was Johannesburg City’s annual “702 WALK THE TALK” on Sunday and yes, we did get to take part! As you know, Mom was a bit reluctant for us to do the full 8km walk, due to our age and all the excitement, so we worked out a compromise and joined in half way to walk with the Boss, Toffee’s Mom and her boyfriend.

We got up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to hear our humans with their mutterings,” Walk….walk…walk..”, so we did our usual thing and ran trenches in their passage. Eish, it’s such fun to hear those words and the jingle of our leads!

Here are the much promised pictures of our wonderful walk…

50 000 Bipeds participated and 20 000 doggies. It was a lovely sunny day walking through the streets of Johannesburg. The pooches were all extremely well behaved and well socialised. What FUN!!!

Mom, Tammy and I waited at the half-way point for the Boss, Robyn (Toffee's Mom) and Robyn's boyfriend, Chris.

Mom had to take a picture of this beautiful golden puppy who came to cheer us all on.

There were lots of 'LORENZA' dogs, but none as nicely dressed as Lorenza! There were Siberian Huskies (in their gangs), lots of 'CLOUD' dogs - but no WONDERDOGS and lots of Golden's like us. Hamish - I don't think there are any dogs here in South Africa who look like you- you are one of a kind, most definitely! So too with dogs like Stella and Clive. Most of the other breeds were well represented. Eish it was fun to see them all stepping out!

We had special Doggie Watering holes where we had bowls to play in, water to drink and lots of treats! Veterinary nurses were on call to help with any doggies who didn't feel well. The Doggie Watering holes were sponsored by Royal Canin....well done, Guys!!!

Here is a pic of Me, Tammy, Mom and Robyn at the Watering Hole.

See the special Doggie water bottles which were handed out...lovely...they flip open so we can drink on the go.

Yep, it was hot and I cooled off my paws to avoid fatigue!

Mom and the Boss being pulled along by us.

The Boss and Robyn looking cheerful...it gave us time to check out the talent!

Yes, and we found a lake along the way (Emmarentia Dam) to swim in.

See all the other dogs who followed our lead...or did we follow theirs?

I was very tired at the end.

So we had another cool-off in the Doggie bowls. Check out Tammy and my bandannas which were given to ever dog who completed the race.

Here we are at the finish line.

....and when it was all over, I snoozed off my tiredness on Mom's bed.

All in all, it was a wonderful day!!! Can't wait for next year to come so we can do it all over again.
Tons of licks


Hero said...

I wish we had something like that on my island! It must be so much fun meeting so many new friends. Not a lot of people take their dogs out here so I don't really know many other dogs. Congrats on finishing the walk! You all deserve a very long nap.

Rachel said...

Oh that looks like FUN!

The Army of Four said...

Wow! Max, that looks like such a blast! That's great that they had water for you and cooling stations and stuff! And your bandanas are SO COOL! My sisters are swooning over you - especially that last shot of you! ha roo roo roo!
Thanks for posting the pix! What a great day you must have had!
Play bows,
PS: We knew a Sibe in SA, but she moved to N. Cyprus.

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Wow Max, we think it's wonderful that so many dogs and humans took part! Great pictures, thanks fur taking us along wiff you guys. You sure looked tired at the end, I hope you got a good long rest. And you say there were Cloud dogs, eh...??? :-)

Hamish Westie said...

Hi Max
What a great day you had there. And you so smart and handsome in your 'Max' bandana. But why no Westies in South Africa? I mean, surely there must be some? Perhaps I need to come over and introduce myself?
Cheers, H.
PS Thanks for your kind thoughts, I am feeling happier now, with the nice healing vibes coming from all over the world!

Thor said...

Hi Max!
What a wonderful day you had walking with all those doggies and people! Looks like a tons of fun!
You look very cool in your Max bandana! And you all look so happy!
So nice those watering holes thing! Well done on cross the finish line!

Paxton said...

Hello Max, My Friend!

I sure am proud (as is my Mummy) of you, your Mummy, Tammy and The Boss for taking on this challenge. I just know I would have loved to be there and walk alongside you all. I do hope you all have great fun - sure looked like it!

So sad and sorry to hear about your computer problem but we know exactly what you are going through. I was wondering what's been happening to you!? Now that I know, at least I know you are all well.

Thank your Mummy for sharing the pictures with us all. Must add, you sure looking a handsome boy - even if I must say so myself.

Hope to find you back online soon.

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

Hey Max

That looked like lots of fun. We love your personalized bandanas.

Tucker and Daisy

Lorenza said...

Hi, Max!
Sure you had a pawesome day!
I wish I could be there with you!
Here we don't have those events!
Kisses and hugs