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Friday, July 3, 2009


Hey there, everyone...

We just wanted to say 'THANK YOU' for all the warm doggie wishes for Tammy's Mom. She is well and out of hospital, but it seems that the removal of WISDOM means that you morphe into a CHIPMUNK! I didn't think there were Chipmunks in South Africa, but we seem to have one in our household!

Take care and have a BARKFUL weekend!
Love mmmMAXxxx


Scout 'n Freyja said...

Oh, we bet her mouth is all swollen, isn't it? Be very loving and kind. She doesn't feel good right now and her jaw really hurts.

BTW, if you make the puppy chow...you will LOVE IT.☺

Lexi said...

Hi Max,

I am glad to hear Tammy's mom is ok. That is a good idea to brush your teeth. I will have to tell my mom to get me a tooth brush.
I just wanted to tell you that you have beautiful eyes.
Have a fun weekend.

Clive said...

Good to hear that your Mom is home and over the op Max. Have a lovely weekend.

Take care

Hamish Westie said...

Gail tells me she had chipmunk cheeks for a week after she had all those so-called wisdom teeth taken out.
Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog. Gail and I always look forward to your latest bulletin from South Africa. I love reading all about South African and all the dogs and not-dogs.
Don't envy you the weather though. We had 26 degrees C here yesterday and that was way to hot for us Aberdonians!
Cheers, H.

Hamish Westie said...

PS Oh and we love the poems too.

GoldenSamantha said...

Hi Max! Thanks for visiting my blog - just signed up to be "friends" hehe! Now we can get into trouble, wink, wink! Sorry about your mom, but glad she is home, but sorry about her swollen jaw. Will come back soon to read more posts! Have a good Friday!
Hugs xo

TwoSpecialWires said...

Max and family! We were waggin' happy to read your comment today! New friends! We love new friends. When we read your profile, at first we thought we were readin' Moma's profile. You guys have a lot in common!

We're the writers in the family, but we still like a lot of the same things. "specially food and classical music. We're not too fond of quilting. Machine quilting, that is. Moma's been making a big warm quilt for our Auntie... and we're not crazy about the noise that machine makes. We've been hiding!

Anyhow.... this is sposed to be a comment. Not a dissertation. We'd better stop here. But we'll be back!

You do the same,
Jake and Fergi

TwoSpecialWires said...

Pee eSs. Our Nina-Girl had her wisdom teeth taken out about a month ago. Sad for her, that wasn't all they took away. They also took all her feeling from her chin, lower lip and gums on the bottom of one side. She's bummed. We're crossin' our paws that it comes back (in the next coupla YEARS! according to her surgeon.) grrrrrrrr!

Lorenza said...

Glad to know Tammy's mom is doing well!
Kisses and hugs