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Saturday, July 4, 2009


Hello everyone...

Firstly, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all our America Doggie Bloggers and Friends!

Since it's weekend,we are playing 'Tour Guide’ again today. We have our American friends very much in our heart today and have been thinking about your THANKSGIVING celebrations later on this year and the American tradition of roast turkey.

We thought we'd tell you about one of the endangered species of our big birds here in South Africa which shouldn't be mistaken for a wild turkey!

The name of these awesome birds is THE GROUND HORNBILL, and

These beautiful birds are well protected here in South Africa but live a very difficult life. You see, because they are predominantly non-fliers and have such bright plumage as they walk around in the bush, they become easy prey for jackals and other predators. In addition to this plight, the parents will only rear one chick from their nest.

Many years ago, there were many of them across the landscapes of Southern Africa, but nowadays, it’s quite a privilege to come across them in the wild.

We have some game reserves here in South Africa who have initiated some hand-rearing initiatives and I am happy to report that they have had a bit of success, but the threat to these beautiful birds remains.

So, what do you think about our beautiful GROUND HORNBILLS? ...and remember, they are NOT SUITABLE FOR THE DINNER TABLE!!!

Take care and have a Barkful weekend.
Luv mmmMAXxxx


Clive said...

Hi Max

We spend a lot of time in Dublin Zoo - one of the little man's favourite places and they have two hornbills that always draw a lot of attention.

It must be amazing to get the chance to see them in their natural habitat!

The little man's teacher last term was from South Africa - she has just gone home for a long summer holiday and we've promised her - we'll make it out there next year. Well, I don't think I'm going - fly is bit long - but the little man and the rest of them are already talking about it!!

Have a good weekend
Clive and gang

Clive said...

Oops, okay we know its winter with you, but its summer school hols here!!

Paco....Milo and mom..Simona said...

Great great great post as always dear Max!!!!
Thanks for sharing with us the beauty of your country!!!
We loved a lot reading about that!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!
Lots of love and kisses from Italy!!!
Wish were with you!!!!

Hamish Westie said...

Hi Max
I think those birds look quite scary - I think I'd run away if a came across one of them.
But Max, I bow to your superior knowledge of South African wildlife and so agree that they should be protected!
Cheers, H.

Hero said...

What interesting looking birds. I've never seen anything quite like them and I doubt I ever will. You live in such a beautiful country. Thanks for sharing your pictures and knowledge with us!

Thor said...

Hi Max!
Thanks for sharing one more interesting animal of your beautiful country.
I hope you´re having a great weekend.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Max!
Thanks for telling us about GROUND HORNBILLS!
Have a great weekend!
Kisses and hugs

Sam said...

Sam thinks they look a little scary, but his Mom had to look them up on the internet to find out more! Thank you for sharing!


☮momoKo said...

I pray for their life being continued.

TwoSpecialWires said...

You call those birds beautiful? We call them a little bit scary! But we guess if they can't fly too well, they need some sort of self-defense. We'll study the picture well, so if we ever run into any stray ones, we won't get too reactive!

Thanks for the education,
Jake and Miss Fergi