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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hey there my furry friends

Am I seeing DOUBLE this morning?

Last night we had a bit of a feral cat invasion on the 'comments' section of this blog.

I must say that I was an excellent sniffer dog and caught this kitty trying to 'take care' of Hamster under my blog post "Feedback on Hamster dilemma". Well this kitty is apparently a South African kitty and was leaving kitty litter on a couple of the blogposts. It calls herself/himself/it "MADD", but doesn't have a blog of its own, so it turned into a small dog-kitty spat on this blog.

As I said....I think Im seeing double this morning!!!

Eish, I was moving from post to post to try and protect my pack. Can you believe it...it wanted to eat our hamster?!!!

Hamster, at the moment is doing well. There is no change and he seems happy

....except for the attempt on his life by Madd Cat!!

Have a Barkful day and remember:

Be nice to Kitty friends! (Ha-Ha!)



Mango said...

That last photo confused the Mango. Are there now four of you?


kks said...

funny picture, Maxdog looks so proud of himself!

MAX said...

Hey there, Mango....
Every looked in the mirror?. Ask Mom to take a photo of you looking in the mirror...suddenly there'll be two of you. Incredible! I've just discovered how to duplicate myself - and confuse my furry buddies! (he-he)
Lots of licks

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

cool pic - we are kinda confused too - happy the cat issue got dealt with

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

Martha Basset said...

We have have mentioned before Max that we bassets came bottom in the IQ scores of dogs in the UK!!
Hard to believe we know but it might explain why we too are confused with your pic!!
Our mum is trying to explain about mirrors so we are off to try!!!
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Chris said...

hey maxdog. Cute pic, but its plain to see your just trying to check out both sides of tammie at the same time...smooth max, very smooth, well played. i'm sure you're looking forward to the weekend, when toffie's mother comes home, cos her and her boyfriend will give you extra attention and wallpaper as per usual;)

Don't worry about MADD, cats have realised that they've tamed humans, now they trying to tame dogs, stand your ground max, protect your pack and hamster, and we won't talk about what happens when tammie sees cats;)

Keep it real max, and try be nice to Tommy too,its not his fault.

speak to you soon I'm sure max-max

MAX said...

Hey Guys
Maybe my IQ is also on the dithery side in understanding this 'confusion', so let me try to explain...
Both these pics are taken in a room where Mom taught her exercise classes - (years ago). This is now our lounge, but the big mirror is still there. If you look carefully, you will see the cornice on the floor which secures the mirror in both the pictures.
The second picture is taken from a different and side-on angle, so Tammy and I are doubled up, but the viewer sees different perspectives of us. Either way, we are technically looking towards a mirrored wall

Please tell me if I am making sense at all(?)
Lots of licks

MAX said...

Hey Guys
For those who don't know, "Chris" is know to our family...he's my personal walker when Mom is ill. He has determined that when we say the word, "Wallpaper", it will help that we don't recognise his intention of giving us a 'WALK'. You see if we hear the latter word, we run havoc in this house. Thanks Chris, the 'cat is out the bag' so to speak.
I love you Chris!
Lots and lots of licks


Simply Simon said...

smoke and mirrors, Max???

Have a lovely day

Madd said...

Meooow! Hello!

What's all this about a cat spat? I never spat on anything, it would be below me not to mention more in line with our canine or even human friends' behaviour - right? Max, are you as much of a slobberguts as my friend Georgie was?

Don't get me wrong, he was a worthy friend, but he could be a little...slow...at times, not to mention slimy - especially around food or after drinking.

We cats have definitely tamed humans Chris, and we are quite proud of our accomplishments. They feed us, make our beds, even clean up our - well - you know. Dogs have managed to tame humans to some extent too, but not quite as well as us kitties. You dogs still get walked around on a leash? Like you're some kind of prisoner or something, or like the humans own you...doesn't that upset you Max?

You don't need Chris or your 'Mommy' to walk you, can't you walk and explore by yourself? Don't be scared, you can do it :) Purr.

Chris said Tammy does not like cats - well, this is the new South Africa and racism should not be tolerated friend Max. We're all furry friends here, even the humans like Chris. Hold on - Is he a HUMAN on the dog blog? That's far worse than me coming to visit isn't it? Perhaps there's a human spat going on and not a cat spat? And as I said, I never spat on anything, maybe it was Chris. These humans I tell you, you need to teach them their place friend Max!

I would be happy to give you a few pointers in that area. Firstly, don't ever respond to their name for you. They think that we need a human name...phhh. Our names are too noble to pronounce...mine is unpronouncable to humans.

Please tell your 'Mommy' that this is your blog and you are my new yellow friend and I can come visit your blog, even if I don't have my own - yet. I don't like anti-catism from underlings, I find it quite distressing. I also have no intention of invading a dog blog, I'm just a passer by, in true feline style.

Thank you for understanding, friend Max, and enjoy your upcoming weekend.


MAX said...

Well...we've been waiting for you all evening, Madd!!! So I was right and you are back!
Well, I am willing to make a truce - in Georgie's memory. We'll call it quits and you may share this blog. (mmmm...at least Im thinking about it!)
Yep, I am a fellow drooler, although rather amateurish. Im entered in Honey's Slobber competition - you should check out my drool bubble there - and all the others.
However, that's besides the point -You are quite a mouthful, it seems...so much to say. But, you know what - you are more than WELCOME! Many of my doggie friends are kitty friends too and it's not really that I don't like cats. It's rather that they won't stand still for me to sniff them up! I'll never understand you kitty-cats.
Enjoy your weekend too.

Madd said...


Thanks Max, but I must ask you not to refer to me as feral again...I am strictly an upper class feline. Just look at my amazing one-of-a- kind hat and my piercing blue eyes. I am a winner of several beauty pageants I might add - are you? I try to be modest, but with human attendants like mine, it can be an effort. I have my fair share of Madd juniors around the world too you know. Are you a Dad Max?

Slumdog millionaire cats just don't fit the bill in my Cape Town suburb, friend Max, it would upset our yellow haired human 'companions' who trot around in strange foot coverings and shreak at their male humans.

As always, enjoy your blogging!
I'll stop talking now...sleep time...


caboval said...

Hi Max! YOu look so handsome in the mirror! HUgs Joey and Kealani

Lorenza said...

Hi, Max!
I can see you have been having an interesting interchange with Madd.
Once I looked myself in a mirror and I ignored myself!
Kisses and hugs

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

I'm glad to hear Hamster is doing well, Max.

Never trust a kitty...


The Army of Four said...

Woo! GREAT pix!!!