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Monday, January 13, 2014

Run free, sweet Tammy: 2001-2014

Sadly, we had to say good-bye to our dear, gracious old lady - Tammy - today. She's been ailing for a while now and we could see that she's grown tired.  The Rainbow bridge welcomes her as she now runs free with her soul-mate Maxdog, as well as Toffee, Tommy...and all the other furry-friends who are no longer with us. Our hearts are sore, but we are grateful that she could go with dignity.
Thank you so much - Dr Colin van Rensburg - for caring so kindly for our Tam'. 

***I am grateful for the amazing life of Aunt Tam'.

Some photos

Tammy, in her prime...
 Puppy Tammy  2001...
 Juvenile Tammy...
 Below: Tammy and Maxdog check out the birds in the tree...
  Below: Walks were always Tammy's favourite activity...
 ...and snuggling with Miss J...
 She even tolerated the Christmas hat...at times...
 Below: Tammy in her personal spa...  

 Below: "Roaching" in the cool of the afternoon shade...

Below: Tammy welcomes little Lexi...
 Below: Tammy and Max - better days...

 Below: Soulmates - Tammy and Maxdog

 Below: "The cat on the wall"
 Below: "Please get better, Maxdog"

Run Free, sweet Tammy. We will miss your gentle presence.


bea's blog said...

This is so very sad ~
thinking of you ~
in fact I am often thinking of you and your kind attention while my husband was dying....
Are you on Facebook?
I am Bea von Treungen.
If you please you can meet me there, too!
RIP beautiful Tammy

Molly the Airedale said...

Our hearts are breaking for all of you. Godspeed, Tammy. You were such a special girl.

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Tammy , we all loved you.
Now you have your wings and do not hurt- run to Max Dog- fly with the angels..
We are sad for your family,,,
Love does not stop flowing just cause your gone.

sprinkles said...

This makes me so sad! I'm so sorry for your loss. I will light a candle in Tammy's honor.

Jake of Florida said...


I just saw this when I was scrolling through my blog list. I am so sad to hear that sweet Tammy has left you. But know that she and Maxdog will have a happy reunion at the Bridge. We all ache for each other when one of our beloved fur companions has to leave us

Love and hugs,

Joan and Just Harry (and Angel Jake there to welcome a new Bridge resident!)

Rishi Asthana said...

RIP Tammy... He is so beautiful and you must be missing him so badly. I am really sad of this..

Linda said...

Absolutely beautiful photos, and I am so sorry for your loss. It is always so hard to lose a loved one, be it human or animal. Hope you continue to blog even if you change the topic.