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Friday, December 26, 2008


Hey Guys,

I went to Ma's side early this morning and said my usual "mmmmaaaaammm!', but she was in dreamland. I couldn't wake her. The boss was around, so I couldn't jump on the bed either. Tammy (my partner in crime - the white one on the left)had been restless for a while and the birds have been squealing for ages. We all needed food! Wow, but Ma was passed out! Pa too. I think these humans battle at this time of the year. They call it Chris...miss. What they miss, I don't know. Wish I could have as much food as them!

We were all lucky though this morning (Tammy and I, that is). Ma and the Boss were oosing the "Walk" word. Their smelly shoes are always the clue! Tam and I darted up and down the passage to make sure that our leads weren't forgotten. Ma and the Boss will have to get new carpets soon!

The girls were asleep, but Tam's Ma got up to join us. She supervised Tam this morning, whilst my Ma tried to keep me under control. Yep, it was good. 4kms this morning. Tam is so contained, though. She walks sooo sedately next to her Ma....I wonder whats wrong with her. Us Goldens are an exciteable bunch. She's maybe letting the pack down.... Will have to talk to her.

I, on the other hand, have to mark all my places, but the walkers don't seem to understand (?). Hey....it was such fun arousing all the other canines in the neighbourhood. They look sooo funny behind their sealed up fences! Especially the fat labradors...they are dragging their bellies on the driveways. Have you ever tried to bark with a belly? Yea...its not comfortable. Shameful owners; no walks and too much food!

Anyway, its boxing day. Where the boxes are, Im not sure, but I'm parking off today. Doesn't seem like Ma has got any plans. Ive been banned from the pool, so I'll just find cool spots to lie near Ma.


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