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Friday, December 26, 2008



An overwhelming Love I feel,
For this manificent creature at my heel.
Golden coat, tail held free,
Dark, beautiful eyes, all focused on me.

The excitement of his walk, he can hardly contain:
Pawing every step, his leash under strain.
"Free", I say: In a flash he bounds
Gurgling with pleasure, as he makes his rounds.

A sniff here, a 'point' there
A dart to the stream, a backward stare.
His coat is alight with silvery streaks
His stance so expressive, it almost speaks.

In contrast, he hurtles to the darkest of ponds:
Sticky slush and rotting fronds.
And then, he sits in it and stares in glee,
Knowing full well, the fury in me.

A final dip in that filthy lake,
Onto the bank and begins his "shake".
I shudder to think of the bath that must follow
To rid him of the gunge his fur had to swallow.

He stares at me as if nothing was done,
Now it's bathtime, for the smell is not fun.
Apologetically, reluctantly he climbs in the bath
He's so unhappy, I just have to laugh.

I bribe him with treats as I shampoo up his fur
And he answers my pleas with a soapy slurrrr.
Finally rinsed out, he's as good as new,
Running trenches in my passage - the bath was the cue.

As hunger strikes, he's at my side,
Innocence again; nothing to hide.
I fill his bowl as he patiently watches,
The drool from his jowls, just falling in blotches.

The meal is his best, it seems to be
His very existence as he trusts in me.
As the night falls, so does he - at my feet
Our two spirits tied - always to meet.

He'd die for me, and I for him,
His short life; a concept too grim.
My companion, my friend, nothing he lacks.
My beautiful dog................



Naqvee said...

i loved it

ocmist said...

What an awesomely beautiful tribute to an awesomely beautiful friend! I need to go find a tissue now... but know our love and prayers are still winging heavenward...

Anonymous said...

That poem is so Beautiful. It is written with such Love.

Scout and Freyja said...

I just got the time to read this poem of Max's and to be quite frank, it brought tears to my eyes. I thought of Max and of my dogs and of the dogs that I have loved and who wait for me on the other side. Lovely images and words.