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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Greetings from the Maxpack to all my human friends!

We had great excitement in our household last night...a human pup arrived to visit (I think you humans call it a 'toddler'). Wow she was cute! We barked our greetings from the side gate. Tam and I were so excited, but 'Ma' and 'Tams's Ma' quickly fetched our leads and called us to command. We were the only ones to be allowed to be introduced to the little blonde dynamo - Toffee and Tommy were immediately relegated to the backyard. (Obviously they can't be trusted! 'Woof!')

We soon discovered that the human pup was scared of us canines. This is v v v very strange since we are such a friendly lot! 'Ma' and 'Tam's Ma' got us to play dead, hoping that the human pup would be reassured and come and pat us. I soooo love children! But it didn't work; she remained scared of us, so we had to join Toffee and Tommy in the backyard.

I could hear the little one running trenches in our passages and was fascinated by her excited giggles. It would have been fun to join her, but we are quite big dogs (for a little one like her), and could easily knock her over, so we decided to simply wait out our time in the back.

The little human pup and her family were here for quite a few hours - sharing stories and Christmas presents. I would have loved to show her all my toys and some of my tricks, but it wasn't to be...perhaps next time!

I'll have to supervise Tammy though; the visitors left quite a few Chocolate presents! Last year Tammy polished off a whole box of 'The Boss's' Geldorf chocolates.... he wasn't impessed! Also - chocolate is bad for dogs.
That's all folks. Here's a picture of me and some of my toys.
Have a Barkingly happy day,

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